I never knew I needed you but now I can’t live without you! Or yes, I made a Nettie!

It took my best friend and a lot of convincing to get me to pose for these pictures but in the end I’d do anything for the sewing community 🙂

I’d been eyeing the Nettie pattern ever since Heather Lou released it, but due to limited funding I held out. Until I swear, it just fell into my inbox! Oh.my.god you guys, sewcialists are so amazing. And especially Hanne who bought this pattern for me as a belated baby gift 🙂 She figured this pattern was just what a new mommy needed and boy, was she right!

I immediately got to it (3 Netties in 3 days) and this seriously sewed up superfast. Apart from the snap placket it was all serger all the way!

Nettie 1:
For my first version I used a floral double knit I had in my stash. I didn’t make any alterations and this is the result:


As you can see I still needed a few modifications:
– The overall thing was a bit too long.
– I needed a swayback adjustment
– I needed a narrow shoulder adjustment

But it was definitely wearable! And it goes so well with all those bright coloured skirts I have in my closet but that just looked to dull with a white top.


Nettie 2:

On my second version I made some alterations:
– I shortened the bodice by 3cm
– I did a 3cm swayback adjustment
– I pinched out the excess on the shoulder which resulted in 1,5cm at the top to nothing at the underarm.


I do think this version fits a lot better 🙂

I have made a Nettie dress as well, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s post to see that one.

All in all, Nettie is a pattern you didn’t know you needed until you have it and then you can’t imagine your life without!

PS Hubby’s comment was hilarious: “Oh, you made a onesie like the baby! But you’ll just wear this around the house right?”

17 thoughts on “I never knew I needed you but now I can’t live without you! Or yes, I made a Nettie!

  1. I love this pattern. These are great makes. I am inspired. I appreciate the level of detail on the photos. I laughed out loud when I read what your husband said…. 🙂


    1. This truly is a great pattern. It sews up so nicely as well, I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is 🙂 I’m glad you appreciate the level of detail, makes me feel slightly less exposed 🙂


  2. that second one looks like a perfect fit! I bought this pattern too, thinking it would be great wearing tucked in, and to prevent a cold back in winter 🙂 you look great in these!


  3. I love them! The second one looks great. I’m so happy you like the pattern! I’m already planning more Netties. I go crazy trying to yank down the hem of my normal tops when wearing skirts.


    1. Me too! Why would anyone wear a cami that is not a bodysuit. I think especially when you have a small waist vs larger hips the whole thing just keeps creeping up!


      1. I would love a bodysuit with longer legs, so I can wear that instead of a cami and shorts (to prevent thigh chaffing), but I’ve go no idea how to tackle that!


      2. I have an idea on how to fix that, but it would involve a lot more snaps… I don’t know if snaps between thighs is a good idea. Might need to try that!


      3. yup. Or snaps down the inner seams of our pantspart.
        And those will rub against eachother and we can produce electricity. (or so I think) Must figure it out now!


  4. Hi!
    love how your Nettie turned out! I’m a bit struggeling right now, because I have to do a 4cm swayback adjustment :O Can you tell me how you did yours? I have no idea, all that I can find about this adjustment is for very minor ones – compared to mine!


    1. I sliced my pattern at the waist, overlapping the CB by 3 cm and taped it back together. Then I straightened my CB out from bottom to top (instead of top to bottom) because I also needed a narrow shoulder adjustment and this would take care of that since it narrows the back neckline.
      If you don’t need a narrow shoulder adjustment I would still slice/overlap and tape but straighten it out starting at the top CB. You’ll see that you loose some width at the bottom but you can just draw that back on at the sideseams. Al that’s left to do is check whether your crotch placket is still longue enough. If it is, leave it be, if not straighten it out a bit.

      Hope it helps!


      1. Thank you! I straigtend it from the bottom to the top. It worked out great but now that it is finishedI think the low back is not for me… to cold! I’m working on another one with a high back and the swayback adjustment like you did it would not work, because it would end up too tight at upper back. I made a CBS this time 😉 fits perfect!


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