My #Augusttribute

The sewcialist theme for this month is August Tribute (am I the only one who thinks of the Hunger Games when hearing the word Tribute?)

So let me tell you about my inspiration!

Although you wouldn’t say so based on the stuff I sew, there is one sewcialist I have the sewing hots for (is that even a thing?)

Can you guess who? I’ll give you 4 clues…
1. She sews a lot of pretty dresses!
2. She obviously likes slouchy boots.
3. She owns SO.MANY cardigans.
4. We speak the same language!

Do you know who it is?

That’s right! It’s Inge from Ingemaakt!

Serious girl-crush! A few years ago all I wore were dresses/skirts and slouchy boots and cardigans! I have recently rediscovered some of my old dresses and even if they’re a bit short/tight now, I made me feel like me again. I have no idea why I stopped wearing dresses with cardigans and boots but I think for the most part because fitting woven dresses SCARES THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME… Or that is up until now. Recently I’ve started noticing my fit issues (it only took me two years) and I’m confident that with some patience I could totally get those dresses to fit me. Patience being the operate word here. Sewing used to be about getting something new, fast… I didn’t really bother with finishes and because I mostly sew knits, fitting was reduced to a bare minimum.

To put my words into action I’ve bought two new patterns. The Camí dress by Pauline Alice and the Edith Blouse/Dress by Maria Denmark. And yes, both were inspired by Inge!

Apart from wanting to steal ever outfit she has ever modeled, I think she’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve met online and I’m looking forward to meeting her in real life one day!

If you don’t know who Inge is, hop over to her blog or start by admiring some of her outfits right here (yes, I copied the pics from her blog, but I don’t think she’ll mind)

Camí love!
Edith love!
I told her she could send the entire outfit my way… Too bad she really liked it!
I wanted the same fabric for my Ginger… Too bad she got it in Japan.
love.the.entire.outfit #sigh
Her cardigans match her skirts all.the.time… #jealouslikehell
Also: CLOGS! They are my new shoe crush! #iwantobuyalltheclogs

2 thoughts on “My #Augusttribute

  1. Thank you so much 🙂 I am feeling very honoured. you will look great in the Edith and the Cambie! Funny though because both you and Gillian’s pretty and perfectly fitting knit dresses have inspired me to take another shot at sewing with knits, so thank you for that!!


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