RTW won’t kill me

Last week Summer turned into Autumn. That’s about two months sooner than last year. So naturally I wasn’t ready.

After complaining about my wardrobe all Summer I finally decided to clean out my closet. I put away every single piece of clothing that doesn’t fit me anymore so it would be easier to see what I was left to work with.


The stats:

1 sweater
12 cardigans
1 faux lambskin vest
2 blazers
3 blouses
1 shirt
2 shirt tunics
6 dresses
1 pair of corduroy trousers
1 pair of corduroy leggings
1 pair of printed leggings
2 bodysuits with print
1 tanktop with print

If you look at my separates I have a problem to say the least 🙂 Apart from cardigans, my separates are non-existent.

This is the part were the ability to sew and my stash were actually stopping me from fixing this. Being able to sew and having a vast stash made me feel guilty each time I thought about RTW shopping. But I didn’t have the time or the right stash to fix it.

After I saw what I was left with last night, I decided that enough was enough and that I just needed to go shopping.

I knew what I wanted since I’ve been preparing on a Pinterest Board for a month. I looked around online to see which stores carried the style I was looking for and this morning I went shopping… Alone… No baby.

My tips for shopping RTW when you don’t like shopping but you really have to:

– research in advance which type of clothes and silhouettes you want
– make sure you are not rushed and not distracted
– start at the front and look, calmly, at the entire selection
– pick what you like but be honest about your size
– try everything on and try to mirror yourself from a few feet away

Whenever I went shopping these past few months I did the exact opposite of all these things and left the store each time feeling miserable.
This time I left feeling happy with what I got and I can’t wait to start making new outfits.

This is what I got:



I went for very drapy shirts which cover my bottom and are loose but not shapeless. I also went for (very) stretchy pants and high waisted skinny jeans. I opted for solids and neutral prints. I got it all for less than 200€, so I don’t feel too guilty.

I’m glad I went shopping because now I can go back to sewing stuff I like instead of stuff I need!

Edit: Once again I wasn’t completely honest with myself about my size. I bought 3 pairs of really stretchy skinny twill pants. I wanted a print, a back pair and a coloured pair. I went a for blue and white print, army green (dark olive) and black. Because they ran out of the black ones in size 42, I sized up to a size 44. Believe me, it hurt to pick the largest size available, but if they were too big, I could always take them in. The 42 fit me but as always they seemed to be creeping down during the day. Hoisting up my pants every 5 seconds was not what I had in mind. I thought it was due to my high hipbones… Until I put on the black size 44 today… They were perfect! Once again, I had let myself to believe that my body was the problem and I’d have to live with it. They fit fine elsewhere, so why weren’t they staying up… Because they were a size too small!! So I’m returning the printed and green pair and swapping it for a bigger size. F*ck the bigger size, I wanna be comfy!

12 thoughts on “RTW won’t kill me

  1. I probably need to do this too. My selection of baggy logo tees and saggy paint splattered jeans just doesn’t really cut it for every day. You got a lot of stuff for a pretty reasonable price, awesome! I’ll try your tips next time I shop because clothes shopping always makes me feel like a hideous freak….


  2. Yay! What good strategic shopping! I’m so glad you stocked up on things that would be less fun to sew, and now you can enjoy sewing knit dresses and tops and shearling vests and whatever else you want! 🙂


      1. Hahahaha, it took me all winter last year to find the perfect ones 🙂 I finally found them at the end of January when winter was almost over 🙂 But they are perfect for this winter 🙂


  3. Good! I think I am a better RTW shopper now that I can sew some of my own clothes. I tend to be more focused. Looks like you did an awesome job!


  4. Perfect things to buy! Buying nice basics I don’t want to make (or have time to make) always help inspire me to sew the fun stuff. RTW is great for helping you understand what you like to wear most – and then you can copy it. =)


  5. What a great post! Thanks for sharing this. I’m trying to not buy anything for a 12 month period and find myself feeling guilty even going into clothing stores; then I shake my head and say LET IT GO! Do what you enjoy 🙂


  6. Wow, you got some great stuff there! I want all of those shirts ;-). And you are so right, I think sometimes we sewists are taking things a bit too far with all the “I can sew it myself” kind of thing. Happy medium, ey ? !


  7. I was re-reading this post (I’ve gotten behind on my blog reading, LOL!) and I noticed your edit about the jeans. This gives me something to think about, because I have the same problem–I need somewhere around a size 8 for my thighs and hips, but my waist needs a 10 or a 12. I’m built like a brick though, so I suppose that’s bound to happen. So does the larger size get all saggy and baggy in the butt like mine always end up doing when I go for the larger size? Sorry for the questions, but I’m in the market for some new jeans, and I’m tired of playing this game.


    1. I actually need a bigger size for my thighs than my waist and I’ve noticed that they don’t get saggy, but fall down since the waist is too loose. They do fit perfectly for my thighs and hips though, so if I take in the waist they would be perfect. And the bigger size gives me a higher rise in the back which corresponds better with my high hipbones. I think in your case they will get a bit saggy if the waist is too high, maybe aim for a lower waist so the difference isn’t all that big.


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