It’s sewing time!

My new clothes are great and they are fun and comfortable to wear. They make it easier to get dressed in the morning, which is a huge benefit now that school has started again. But now that I have a closet full of RTW the need to sew has disappeared. It’s a weird feeling. I’ve stopped buying clothes 2 years ago and since then I’ve always lacked something, so I had to keep sewing in order to keep having clothes. But I ended up with a incoherent mess and lots of icing.

Now that I don’t have to sew what I need, I can go back to sewing what I want and spend more time on each project to finish it as nicely and precisely as possible. It’s kind of liberating but also scary, because I’ve go no more excuses to resort to fast and easy makes 🙂

I’ve made a list of all the patterns in my stash I really want to conquer this fall/winter. Here it is:

Some are obviously easier than others and I know I can make these up easily, it’s just the lazy seamstress inside me that needs to get off her ass and actually sew them. The lazy seamstress in me is happy though that these are either PDF’s or StyleArc patterns, which means no tracing (I hate tracing!)

I plan to make these from stash, which admittedly does contain fabric I’ve only recently purchased. But once it’s in the stash, it’s part of the stash and the stash doesn’t come with an age. I’m not pairing all my ideas with fabric or colour swatches like most of the posts but that’s because I’ll probably change my mind at the last second anyway 🙂

I did make a colour palette based on swatches I had from my favorite online fabric store so I can share that with you and give you an idea of the overall concept. I bought some of these fabrics and substituted others with fabrics I already had.



Next time you hear from me it better be because I’ve finished and photographed a new make. I suck at photographing my makes, by the time I get home, I’m too tired to set up the camera 🙂 So if you like blurry process and mirror shots, just follow me on Instagram!

Do you ever lose your ‘sewjo’ because you don’t need any new clothes? 


7 thoughts on “It’s sewing time!

  1. “Needing” new clothes is never the reason I sew. The things I need for whatever reason are usually the basics I buy. I sew because I HAVE to make something. The need to create is my biggest motivator. But I do go through periods where I lose my sewjo – it’s a normal part of the cycle. Sometimes you just have to recharge because creativity can’t be forced and you can’t will inspiration.


  2. I’m suffering from a case of lost sewjo at the moment, for much the reasons you describe. I realised that much of the stuff I like to sew is not acutally the stuff I wear a lot. So while I work out that dilemma I’m not really sure what to sew…


    1. I had the exact same problem. So now that I’ve got a workable wardrobe I’m free to sew whatever I like. But I still need a little push to actually get sewing again so I’m hoping this list serves as a reminder, not in a way that it pressures me to sew exactly these things but in a way that it would inspire me. Let’s see how that turns out 🙂 I do hope you find your sewjo back soon, I love all the stuff you make 🙂


  3. Good fabrics there! I have a bag of stuff just for me, but I want the perfect pattern before I cut into it all, so in the mean time I’m back to making loads for my girls, although I am trying to do more for the eldest before she’s off to University in a couple of weeks. After that I am going to have to get on with it, I willb e needing that fabric as clothes before long! 🙂


    1. I have no idea when I’ll ever sew up what’s in my stash but if I don’t get sewing with it soon it’s kind of a waste and bordering on an addiction… Yes, I’m addicted to buying pretty fabric and when I have it, I’m scared to cut into it. My daughter is too young to sew for, she grows out of it so fast that it feels like a shame to put time and effort into it, plus I don’t own any kiddy fabric and I’m not letting myself get sucked into an other addiction 😉


  4. Those are some great sewing plans and how exciting to get back into sewing just for the fun of it! I loose my sewing mojo from time to time, just like Brooke. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by all the options, and sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by everything that’s in my closet already. Like, how many dresses and skirts do I really need? To be honest I am at that point again at the moment, so I decided it is about time to start making pants 🙂 all that’s left now is to stop procrastinating haha!


    1. I keep putting off pants as well, honestly, I think the internet has got us freaked on how scary they are. Technically they’re very easy to sew. But I dread the fitting as well 🙂


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