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I got nominated for this blog hop by the sweet Sarah of Notches and Notions. She does have the idea that I sew all the time even with a baby… Rest assured, I don’t. I plan my sewing all the time but most of the time my head is so full of ideas I don’t know where to start and I just don’t sew… Have to remedy that someday 🙂

Back to what this blog hop is about!

Why do I write?

I started writing because I wanted a means to share stuff about my newest hobby. I didn’t know anyone who sews and I didn’t have a lot of friends around since I moved cross country when I met my husband. I kept writing because somehow people where actually reading my stuff, people were interested. The sewing community is definitely the sweetest and I’ve learned so much. By reading blogs and by writing one, and maybe someday somewhere there will be someone learning something from mine… Every teacher’s dream 🙂 I have to admit that I’m quite self conscious when I have to tell non-sewing people about my blog, there is this mistaken idea that bloggers claim to be experts about things and think they are better than others (or at least that’s what it feels like) but that’s not who I am. I’m actually scared someone in my family or at work will read it and make fun of me (believe me, they have… some people are just nice like that). I think the only non-sewing person who reads my blog and doesn’t judge me (or that doesn’t make me feel judged) is my mom (Hi mom!).

What am I working on?

I’ve actually just finished my Grainline Moss skirt. Super happy about it and I really need to take pictures (I’m not good at the picture taking… Cue the self consciousness) Right now I’ve put together a list of garments I want to make for Fall/Winter and I’ve paired them with fabric I had. I even made a ‘swatch list’ so I can put the fabric back into the right boxes and still remember which one I was going to use. May sound weird but my brain doesn’t function well in a sewing mess without a clear list. Too much going on otherwise, gets me all confused.

sewing list

How does it differ from others in this genre?

I don’t think I do, apart from the fact that I actually have to start blogging about stuff I made instead of stuff I’m planning to make. I’m only interested in talking about my experiences. I don’t want to do elaborate tutorials, design patterns and find sponsors. I just want to be me.

How does my writing process work?

Usually my writing process starts while I’m working on something. I talk to myself (in my head) while I’m working and it always feels like I’m trying to explain to others what I’m doing and why. The writing I do in my head and that I usually come up with late at night is pretty good. Funny, interesting, insightful… Problem is that I’m so self-conscious (seriously, I have to fix that) in front of the camera that it takes me aaaaaages to get something photographed and therefor blogged and I don’t remember all the good stuff I was going to say. So my post end up being mediocre. (Am I too hard on myself now?)

If I do manage to remember the good stuff, I usually write everything in one go. I just typ and typ and fight with autocorrect a bit until my post is done. Then I hit publish… Followed with finding a lot of mistakes which make me feel ashamed of being an English teacher and then trying to edit the post before anybody has read it 🙂

I complicate things, I know 🙂

If I were to blog as much as I sew, I would write once a week. And maybe that’s what I should try. Take a day/moment to myself to get pictures right after each make and then write about it. I actually feel guilty about not blogging, how silly am I 🙂

I’d like to nominate Hanne and Anneke. Because they are Belgian and they are so cool. They are my inspiration so I want to know about their writing!

PS I’ve already made two garments of my to sew list and if I get them photographed this week, I’ll blog about them as well 🙂

PS2 Yes, I’ve edited this post after publishing.

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