One year ago


One year ago today I married the best husband I could ever wish for.


Before I met him, I had spends years looking for the right guy. I wanted love to be like movie love. Happily ever after with my soulmate. I wanted to get married and have kids when I was 16. It has always been my dream. But since I only seemed to fall for guys who needed fixing that just didn’t happen. For years I kept thinking it would change and I was too romantic to realise movie love is nothing like real life love.

I couldn’t predict real life love was better!


Three years ago, on our first date he let me talk about myself all the time, he wanted to know everything. We didn’t kiss that night but I couldn’t get him out of my head. Just a few days later we had a second date and we talked and talked all night. We both had to get up in the morning but he didn’t leave until 4 am. We kissed by the car and I was in love. Date number three came around and when I asked him how on earth he could still be single, he looked shocked and said: “I didn’t think I was single anymore, I thought I was yours.”
That’s the moment I knew he was the one.
We moved in together 6 months later and living with him is easy. He doesn’t need any fixing (although I wouldn’t mind him picking up his socks once in a while). He’s sweet, reliable and a hard worker. Not the most exciting qualities in a man, but the most important ones in a husband and father. But I also think he’s absolutely gorgeous and he still makes me swoon. He’s also the best father to our daughter I could ever wish for. He makes me laugh and makes me feel good about myself. He doesn’t know how to comfort me when I’m down, but he’s a guy and he scores points for trying.
We never go out and don’t go anywhere, maybe that’s boring, but that’s just us. We prefer to stay in and watch a movie together or spend the morning in bed playing with our daughter.
I got pregnant a year after we moved in together and we found out the day we signed the deed to our house. We decided to get married.

We wanted all three of us to be in the picture.

Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life (apart from the day our daughter was born). We only invited our family and closest friends. It was magical and perfect and I still wouldn’t change a thing. A lot of people have been asking for pictures, so a year later, here we go.
I was fortunate enough to find the best photographer. He was one of my best friends in college and he came to stay with us from the day before the wedding till the day after, so we have professional pictures of our entire day. He knew us well enough that we felt totally at ease in front of the camera and he knows enough of weddings to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time.
I know everyone will be looking at my dress, so long story short: Because we were renovating our new house and I was pregnant I thought that making my own dress would be too overwhelming. So I bought one. I still really like it, but since then my sewing got better and if I had to do it again, I would have made it myself. .






Yes, I’m feeling up his butt…


Taking pictures by the fire and a piece of charcoal jumped into my cleavage.
He captured me…

We are both raised Catholic but we don’t attend church, so it didn’t feel right to have a big church wedding just because it looked good in pictures. We had a small civil service instead (perfectly normal around here, since you need to have a civil service anyway)

“You may now kiss the bride!”



Us and my godfather – normally he’s a serious doctor.
The wedding party
The historical landmark in our village – I am a history teacher after all 😉
A quite moment to ourselves.
My secret weapon in a long day of standing on my feet 😉
My father-in-law and my dad. They get along perfectly!
He was actually cuter than my husband, but he couldn’t stay, sadly.
Speech! Speech! Speech!
Food was good.
Wedding cake – total surprise as we didn’t ask for any 🙂
First dance together.
Father – daughter dance.


And then the party started… She’s my best friend and my ‘best man’ 😉
These are my other be sties. We live to far apart, I miss them so much!


I did however change into a stretch lace dress halfway through the night and I did make that one myself. It’s a Maria Denmark Day-to-Night dress in red stretch lace underlined in red jersey. Not my best make but I had it for a year, wore it only once and despite me being pregnant, it still fit!

It was getting to hot for my wedding dress so I switched. A lot of our guests thought there was another pregnant lady, the one in the red dress… it was just me who changed dresses 🙂


I did my hair and make-up myself and I don’t regret it. I felt like a princess marrying her knight in shining armor.

See through back.


Good view of how pregnant I was 🙂



These are our baby’s godmother (my cousin) and godfather (my husband’s best friend). We asked them on our wedding day.
My brother… and cousin in the back.
It got late…
It got later…
Last dance…


I can’t believe it has already been a year, time flies when you’re having fun.


9 thoughts on “One year ago

  1. yes! A Wedding Dress Picture!
    Looking at your wedding day pictures makes me so happy! You look beautiful and happy in every shot (and so does your husband)
    So many changes in one year, but you seem to flourish through all of them!
    I also liked how you said that your husband is ‘sweet, reliable and a hard worker’. He sounds like a keeper, those qualities indeed are so important (and I happen to find them quite charming too, at least with my guy :-))
    That Maria Denmark dress is stunning too!


  2. “Boring” is a good thing! There will always be someone to go do exciting things with you, but true happiness comes from finding someone content to do nothing with you.

    I wish we all lived closer! Your husband sounds like a great guy (definitely a keeper!) and a lot like mine. My husband and I joke about being boring all the time. =)

    Lovely dress and wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them and your story. Happy anniversary and may you enjoy many many more happy years together!


    1. We should live closer together, my husband (and I) are also totally into sci-fi, and we met the same way you did 🙂 Although nobody in his family knows 🙂


      1. And I forgot to mention this was my favorite part:

        ” ‘I didn’t think I was single anymore, I thought I was yours.’ That’s the moment I knew he was the one.”

        I think that line would make any girl melt! Love that! *swoon*


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