I’m blue!

I’m lying in bed right now feeling very much under the weather and in one of my awake moments I posted an Instagram pic of my signature style. (Day 8 of Sewvember) I found the pictures in my Instagram feed and on my blog and came to a revelation about what I like to wear!


Apparently it’s coloured/floral scarfs, tan boots, chambray and lots of blue!
I’m an autumn type so I would never consciously pick navy as my favourite but apparently unconsciously I do! Who knew!

Are there any colours you wear over and over again?

Now I’ll just go right back to feeling sorry for myself and watching Gilmore Girls!


Blurry pictures and selfie overload!

Today I discovered a gorgeous spot far away from prying eyes. Sadly all my outfit pictures turned out this way.

2014-11-01 14.00.35

Upside, I get to go back and play around with my camera a bit more tomorrow! Husband agreed to look after the baby while I’m away (like he would ever say no to that) so I could enjoy my alone time. Fingers crossed the weather is as beautiful tomorrow as it was today!

I’ve beenΒ working on building up confidence in front of the camera and on taking better pictures. So far I’ve started liking it, which up until a few weeks ago I really really didn’t. Confidence is getting there. Picture quality is still tricky πŸ˜‰

I’ll leave you with the few pictures that turned out okay. Far from perfect but I like how they look, the way they capture the light and the fact that these are straight of the camera totally unedited! Sorrynotsorry for the silliness. It’s a steep learning curve πŸ˜€

2014-11-01 14.01.17Β 2014-11-01 14.01.48

2014-11-01 14.02.24

2014-11-01 14.04.10

I wish you all a lovely evening, I’ve got a date at a diner inΒ Stars Hollow!