Spring & Summer Sewing 2015

It’s February and I can’t wait for Spring to begin so I can start sewing my warm weather wardrobe!

Sure, I’ve got a massive backlog of winter sewing to blog about but since those clothes are on constant rotation they are never available for photographing when the light outside is somewhat decent. Truth be told, they’ll probably never make it onto the blog but I’m not going to feel bad about it 🙂

A few years ago I bought a dress, it was relatively cheap and the amount of ironing it required drove my mother insane. But I wore it until it had holes (which didn’t take long since the quality was quite crappy). Then I gained some weight and stopped wearing it. I couldn’t get myself to throw it out and kept it aside to save the fabric. I’m glad I kept it because it fits again (yes, holes and all) and I want to recreate it. I’m still looking for the perfect pattern as I can’t get myself to take it apart and rubbing it off turned out to be impossible (too many details and gathers)

Yes, I know, my drafting skills are spectacular 😀

Apart from wanting to recreate the dress, I wish I could get my hands on the fabric because I’m in love with it and it inspired me for my Spring/Summer palette.

inspiratie SS15

Suggestions are always welcome! Have you ever found such inspiration in an ‘old’ piece of clothing?

5 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Sewing 2015

  1. cute sketch 🙂
    I have a rather similar summer dress I bought at Zara 5 years ago. The lining is shredded and the shell fabric is piling like crazy after continuous wear, but I still love it. This will be the year I make a pattern to get a new version.
    This particular dress was one of the first leopard printed items in my wardrobe, so yes, it inspired me quite a lot. Leopard for the win.
    I keep my eyes open for your cute fabric!
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll make this spring and summer!


  2. WHat kind of fabric is it made from ? Something drapey like challis or something more sturdy like cotton? Might make a difference to what kind of pattern you go with? Good luck – I hope you can recreate it! 🙂


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