Jungle January Faux Fur Vest

For the last few months, Iยดve been guest blogging at Sew It Up, a Belgian sewing community, aimed at the Dutch speaking sewists among us. Each month they have a theme around which to sew and this month the theme was ยดBaby, itยดs cold outsideยด. That theme together with #JungleJanuary going around just screamed FAUX FUR to me ๐Ÿ™‚

I had some faux fur in my stash which Iยดve wanted to sew up for a while but never really had a good enough reason to. I was mostly hesitant because I didnยดt want our shared office to look like a Yeti exploded. But I did some research and Iยดm happy to report that my new sewing room was Yeti free after it was done.

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Mini Post Partum Capsule Wardrobe

With my pregnancy nearing the end (maybe by the time you read this, I will have had the baby), I decided to make a small post partum capsule wardrobe. Because I donยดt fit into them yet, Iยดve used my mannequin as a stand in.

The clothes I was going to make had to be:

  • warm
  • comfortable
  • adapted to weight fluctuations
  • nursing friendly

Solution: STRETCH!

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2016, a whole new year and even though I donยดt believe in resolutions, I do have one.

Better done than perfect! Iยดve been struggling with wanting to do things perfectly my entire life and if I couldnยดt do them perfectly, I just didnยดt do them or I put them off for so long that there was no way to do them even half decently anymore.

This was particularly a problem with blogging. I had so much stuff to tell and share, so many ideas but I wanted them all to be perfect and that took so much time and energy that it just never got done.

So for this year, I do not promise you perfect pictures, I do not promise witty well written texts and reviews but I will promise to at least share what I have been doing. Yes, they might be crappy indoor pictures on a mannequin but hey, baby 2 is due any day now, you all understand ๐Ÿ™‚

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