2016, a whole new year and even though I don´t believe in resolutions, I do have one.

Better done than perfect! I´ve been struggling with wanting to do things perfectly my entire life and if I couldn´t do them perfectly, I just didn´t do them or I put them off for so long that there was no way to do them even half decently anymore.

This was particularly a problem with blogging. I had so much stuff to tell and share, so many ideas but I wanted them all to be perfect and that took so much time and energy that it just never got done.

So for this year, I do not promise you perfect pictures, I do not promise witty well written texts and reviews but I will promise to at least share what I have been doing. Yes, they might be crappy indoor pictures on a mannequin but hey, baby 2 is due any day now, you all understand 🙂

Sewing wise my year started off really well. I made a mini capsule post partum wardrobe (see next blogpost) and I got a whole new sewing room.

IMG_5443 (1)

We´ve been living in our house for 2,5 years now and in that time I´ve moved my sewing stuff around 5 times. For the last 18 months I had been sharing an office with my husband and even though it wasn´t perfect, it was working. Until he (finally) admitted about a month ago that he needed his own space to work on his electronics (which he couldn´t because electronics + sewing lint is a very bad combo).

So we decided to do just the basics to get my office set up, so he could have his office all to himself. In this case the basics were putting in new floors and putting in a door. As you can see from the pictures, I´m still waiting for the door but it doesn´t really bother me.

So how about a quick tour?

My sewing space doesn´t look at all like the room I had been planning for months but I love it nonetheless, especially since it didn´t cost me a thing.

I reused two Ikea Expedit cabinets for my fabric collection and it´s really lovely having everything on display. I feared that my stash was too large but apart from a box of kid fabrics and a box of lining fabrics, everything fits neatly into these cubbies. On top are my sewing books and my photo albums.

On the right I have a comfy chair which is now my reading corner. I don´t like reading in front of the television and I don´t like reading in bed either. It´s just not comfy, so I was really happy that my aunt/godmother gave me this antique chair she reupholstered. It´s really pretty but due to my sewing cats I had to put a fleece blanket in it (pink makes up for it though), my favourite books are above it on the mantle piece and I have a small (musical) sewing table next to it for my cup of tea. It is nice because it belonged to my hubby´s grandma. The smaller chair next to mine is a project I started about a year ago and never got round to finishing, so that´s on my to do list seeing the munchkin likes to keep me company.

My dad put some shelves into the antique wardrobe so all my notions and patterns are now safely stored behind doors, far away from cats and kids 😉

Next to my wardrobe is a small mirror which will be replaced by a larger one as soon as my in-laws bring it over (it´s so big it doesn´t fit into the car!)

Next to the (invisible) door is a blank wall which I hope to be using for pictures and where I park my mannequins, they do tend to move around the room as I´m working on stuff.

The most important feature are my tables. I had two small tables which now each have a sewing machine and I had a slightly larger table which I put in the middle and now functions as cutting table/computer table depending on what I´m doing. I really love the fact that I don´t have to clear away my sewing machines in order to get some cutting done.

The large windowsill is perfect to hold all my favourite objects, I love looking at them and the large window lets in tonnes of daylight. I never have to put on extra light during the daytime.

I´m awaiting a small chest of drawers (on wheels) my parents are bringing along this weekend (my old one from back home) so I can empty the boxes under my desk.

I still have some corkboards and maybe some shelves to put up but I´ll be using the room as is for a little while first, as to better assess my needs 🙂

Hope you liked the little tour!

Until next time!

6 thoughts on “2016

  1. Goodness, have you really lived there two and a half years??? I would have said a year… guess we’ve been friends for a long time now! 😉 Your sewing room loks lovely, and I’m so glad you have that space now!!!


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