Mini Post Partum Capsule Wardrobe

With my pregnancy nearing the end (maybe by the time you read this, I will have had the baby), I decided to make a small post partum capsule wardrobe. Because I don´t fit into them yet, I´ve used my mannequin as a stand in.

The clothes I was going to make had to be:

  • warm
  • comfortable
  • adapted to weight fluctuations
  • nursing friendly

Solution: STRETCH!

Project 1: Skirts!

I made some sweaterknit skirts for the munchkin as part of her Christmas present and not so secretly, I was totally jealous of them. I wanted to make some for myself but seeing as I didn´t find a suitable pattern I decided to draft (or rather pattern hack) it myself.

I used Grainline´s Moss skirt as a base but lengthened the short version by 2¨, I left off the pockets, cut the front and back on the fold and added 2¨ at the top so I could add a fold over elastic waistband… So basically I changed it all, but it was nice having a TNT to use as a base for length and width.

Ever since I discovered Ottobre patterns, I´ve been in love with the circular pockets they do. I wanted similar pockets for my skirt, so I drafted these myself. (I got an Ottobre subscription for Christmas and I LOVE it)


Result: 1 raspberry coloured en 1 navy blue skirt for myself. The sweaterknit I used totally fits the bill. I´ve been using this range of sweaterknits for months ever since I found it at my local fabric store. I bought it in nearly every colour they have and I love the fact that it looks like a solid from afar but it has these little coloured flecks which makes it a lot more interesting!

Project 2: Pants!

I hate jeans. I love denim though and have several yards in my stash but I´ve never found wearing jeans particularly comfortable. Also making pants is hard on the best of days, so I wasn´t even going to try making a pair without knowing what my hips are going to do after giving birth 😉


But jeans are the ultimate neutral basic so I kept coming back to it. I finally went stash shopping to see if it could give me some inspiration and it did! I found this really lovely stretch denim. It´s quite heavy but drapey at the same time with about 40% stretch. It was perfect for a pair of secret pyjamas. I chose to make the Hudson Pants by True Bias because I made one early on in my pregnancy and I´ve been wearing that thing non-stop!

This time, I didn´t do any pregnancy alterations, omitted the cuffs and added 6¨ to the pants legs. I used yellow topstitching thread to add some jeans details and I really like the outcome!


Result: This is the most comfortable pair of ¨jeans¨ ever. If I fold down the waistband I could wear them already, but I feel the need to save them so I have something new to wear after the baby´s born. After consulting IG, I decided to leave them long so I can wear them rolled up with a cuff or fold them to the inside so they look hemmed.

Project 3: T-shirts!

Nice, easy tops are key when breastfeeding. There weren´t any RTW nursing tops or patterns that I liked however. They all looked so … boring and practical 😀

I wanted some new t-shirts which had a relaxed fit but with a bit of waist shaping. They needed had a low enough neckline and enough stretch recovery so I could just pull down the neckline to nurse. Before my pregnancy I had been experimenting with drafting my own t-shirt pattern and it was perfect for this. Made up in a nice drapey viscose/rayon knit, it looks flattering and is practical at the same time. I shopped the stash once again and went to work.

All three t-shirts are made with the same pattern, the only difference being that I used my serger to attach the neckline and armbands of the arrow shirt. I did this because the arrow shirt is a slightly thicker cotton knit and it could handle the weight of the serged seams. The viscose knits were too drapey and the serged seam distorted the necklines. So I just used a zigzag stitch instead.

I used wash away wondertape on all three to do the hems and I love it, no more tunneling when using a twin needle! They might be a tad long but my original shirt was slightly too short. I added enought length to be sure it was long enough and figured I can always shorten them if necessary.


Result: In love! They match the bottom pieces I made perfectly and they coordinate nicely with my sweaters and cardigans. Because they are loose and have short sleeves I´ll even be able to wear these during the (hopefully) warm Summer months.



I hope to get some pictures of me actually modelling this stuff but I´m not making any promises!

Until next time!

20 thoughts on “Mini Post Partum Capsule Wardrobe

  1. You always find the best prints! Everything you’ve made is lovely, and those denim Hudsons are a stroke of genius. Can’t wait to meet your new little munchkin when they arrive!


    1. I’ve been hoarding these prints for such a long time because I had enough to make a dress and I feel guilty when only using some for a shirt 🙂 Those Hudson are awesome and they even look quite fancy with heels 🙂


  2. Great wardrobe capsule! I really like the look of your sweater skirts, I think I may need something similar… I’m also very much in love with that blue flower print you used. And those Hudson jeans look great!


  3. Those Hudsons!! Brilliant! I’m totally jealous, I wish my post partum wardrobe had been anything like this good! Hope you’re doing ok and baby arrives easily (as much as possible!) and safely 🙂


  4. I can’t believe you even had the energy thinking about sewing at the end of your pregnancy – let’s not even talk about actually sewing a whole collection! And everything turned out so well – amazing!


    1. I amazed myself 🙂 Sewing is actually the only thing I can still do because I can just relax on my chair. So all I do all day is sew and take naps. Which are equally as important IMO.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So, given that you replied so quickly I gather you will not have had the baby yet? Hope all goes well if you haven’t and congratulations if you have!


  5. Great idea! I’ve been enjoying sewing but starting to think making more maternity clothes might be wasted effort… So thanks for the inspiration! P.s. Spending the day napping & sewing sounds lovely. Good luck!


    1. I think sewing more maternity clothes depends on how much time you have left. I stopped sewing maternity wear two months ago but I had made a ton before (still to blog, oops). The most important thing is feeling good during pregnancy whether that means wearing the same thing day in day out, or like me, sewing a gazillion things 🙂


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