Jungle January Faux Fur Vest

For the last few months, I´ve been guest blogging at Sew It Up, a Belgian sewing community, aimed at the Dutch speaking sewists among us. Each month they have a theme around which to sew and this month the theme was ´Baby, it´s cold outside´. That theme together with #JungleJanuary going around just screamed FAUX FUR to me 🙂

I had some faux fur in my stash which I´ve wanted to sew up for a while but never really had a good enough reason to. I was mostly hesitant because I didn´t want our shared office to look like a Yeti exploded. But I did some research and I´m happy to report that my new sewing room was Yeti free after it was done.

Like always I turned to my trusted Pinterest for inspiration and it was clear that I wanted something simple, sleeveless and long enough to cover my behind.

I went looking through my pattern magazines and found a pattern I liked in the January edition of Knipmode (model 23).


Because my faux fur is ´striped´ I decided to simplify the design by leaving everything off, basically changing everything except the back pattern piece. I left off the pockets, left off the facings, rotated out the darts on the front and just used the back and new front piece to cut the lining. Easy peasy!


Sewing this thing up only took about 2 hours and I´m really happy with the result. The stripes match perfectly and it´ll be a great layering piece for the rest of the season.

I´ll probably wear it with a belt as long as I´m pregnant because I want to at least give the illusion of a waist 😉

Final verdict:

A definite win. I see this thing being worn a lot!



  • I traced a size 40 based on my measurements.


  • Left off the pockets
  • Cut the front in one piece
  • Rotated out the bust dart
  • Left off the facing
  • Cut the lining from the same front and back piece


  • I used 1m of this faux fur and have about 20cm left (stash)
  • Taupe viscose lining (stash)


7 thoughts on “Jungle January Faux Fur Vest

  1. Nice looking vest – but omg, still no baby? Or have you scheduled this post? If not you must be getting SO impatient… I went overdue with all three of mine and I remember so well those last days of feeling I could not carry on one minute longer…


    1. I scheduled this post two days ago, but indeed still no baby. I’m not actually overdue yet, but seeing my daughter came almost a month early and my doctor keeps telling me I won’t make it past my due date, I’m kind of sitting around, waiting and feeling ginormous! I think I’m one of those few women who doesn’t like being pregnant! I want more kids afterwards, but being pregnant just sucks!


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