Bundle of Joy

As I´m typing this there is a small wonderful bundle of joy snoring away next to me.



A week ago today, I (finally) gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. She was born at exactly 39 weeks. (I´m not a patient person, so I had been waiting for weeks)

On Monday evening I had a check-up with my doctor and he told me that I was already 3cms dilated and the baby was due any moment. I went home and I felt relieved since it wouldn´t be much longer. I started having some cramps later that night but since they didn´t get any worse, I blamed Braxton-Hicks (as usual) and went to bed anyway.

Around midnight, I got up feeling restless and in a need to organise my blog (seriously, a billion posts planned and lined up now). While I was sitting at my desk the cramps came back and by 1.30 am I was sure I was having contractions as they hurt quite a bit and came every 5 minutes. (Last time my water broke before having contractions, so I didn´t really know what to expect)

I woke my husband at two and told him to drive me to the hospital. When we got there I hadn´t felt a contraction in about half an hour and I was sure they were going to send me back home. But lying there, they came back and the midwife decided to at least keep me there until they could call my doctor at 8 am.

We settled down for the night, I kept busy between contractions by reading up on some blogposts, looking at IG pics and picking up where I left off in ¨A Hitchhikers´ Guide to The Galaxy¨. Meanwhile Hubby was snoring away in the bed next to me.

At 8 am my doctor said I could stay seeing I was already 5 cms dilated by then. They decided to break my water around 9 and I asked for my epidural a half an hour later.

I felt much better after pain relieve and even managed to take a small nap. By noon I was almost fully dilated and the contractions were becoming a bit more painful again (manageable but still painful). Suddenly I felt the baby wanting to get out, it was a really weird feeling, like her head was already coming out so we called for the midwife and she told me it was time to start pushing. After half an hour of pushing they called my doctor for the final phase.

It took a bit longer than expected to actually get her out because her shoulders were stuck. My doc had already called the pediatrician because he thought he was going to have to break her shoulder. Luckily things didn´t come that far and the pediatrician arrived just after I managed to push her out.

She came in at a whopping 52cms and 3,870kgs, a lot bigger than the doctor estimated the day before. Her vitals were good and I felt great. We decided to call her Nena.

I decided to go home a day earlier than I had to (Regular births allow you to stay at the hospital for 3 nights) because I felt fine, Nena was fine and I missed my eldest.

She´s a week old now and she´s a perfect little angel. Our eldest was an angel but Nena is even sweeter. All she does is eat and sleep. She even allows me to sleep for 8 hours at night (with one feeding in between). She´s already back up to her birth weight!

Milk drunk

Emily is delighted to be a big sister and she constantly wants to cuddle and kiss her.

We´re so happy and content and everything is going so smoothly that it doesn´t feel like just a week. She´s already been wearing some Mommy-mades. Some still a bit big, others a perfect fit 🙂

PS Since I´ve prepped/planned a lot of blog posts in my pre-labor energy boost, you can expect some backlog posts about my maternity wear. I loved reading blog posts about maternity hand mades when I was pregnant so I want to do the same for other mommies-to-be.

PPS And I´m very happy to report that the mini capsule wardrobe is working out perfectly, especially the skirts and Hudson pants. They are so comfortable and look so pulled together! Double win!

PPPS I´ve been using Megan (and Chris) Nielsen´s Best Baby App from the moment she was born and it´s a life saver. I suck at remembering when her last feed/sleep/diaper was and this remembers it for me! Plus you get nice graphs and logs, which I´m a sucker for 🙂

7 thoughts on “Bundle of Joy

  1. aaah! -´Congratulations! Nena truly looks lovely and the milk drunk foto is just the best. I hope all continues to go well for you and you get past all the nasty spring bugs unscathed.

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  2. Wow, what a story! I cant believe you just played it cool at home for so long before even waking your husband up! You are a badass, clearly. SO glad everything went well and you are happily settled at home now!

    Liked by 1 person

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