Maternity make – Cute Cara

In November I asked two of my closest sewcialist friends (Hanne and Caroline) to take pictures of all my maternity makes at once. I didn´t get round to taking photographs by myself due to the horrible weather and the lack of indoor location. I also never got round to blogging about the makes BUT because I really enjoyed looking at other people´s maternity makes while I was pregnant I´ve decided to blog about all my (favourite) makes now. You´ll see more maternity makes popping up in the upcoming weeks while I edit pictures and write posts.

It’s not a secret that I am a huge Megan Nielsen fangirl. Probably the biggest. Her maternity patterns were a life-saver last time and they were again this pregnancy.

One of the things I missed most last pregnancy were comfortable sweaters. I like my sweaters to be quite form fitting so they don’t make me look like I’m just fat, but it seemed impossible to find in RTW. So when I thought about using the Cara (previously know as Ruched Maternity Shirt) again, it seemed like a good idea to make it up in a sweater knit.

I also liked the Cara dress I made last time but in the thin viscose jersey I used last time, it wasn´t really fall or winter friendly. Cue sweater knits again 🙂

I ordered two different sweater knits. One is a solid (heathered) blue sweatshirt fleece and the other is a thinner poly sweaterknit in what I call an aztec like print.I bought 3m of both because they were really cheap at the time. I had enought to make up a dress, a sweater and a mini Briar for my munchkin (for which I was a tester).

For the printed sweaterknit I made up the pattern as is (size M), for the less stretchy sweatshirt fleece I added 2¨ (5cm) in width to CB and CF seam.

To add extra cosiness I used pre-made cuffs to finish the arms and I used pre-made hem bands for the neckline and for the hem of the sweaters. I wasn´t planning on doing this for the sweater hems but since these knits lack a bit of vertical stretch, they came up a bit short. The band keeps everything pulled in and makes them long enough to keep everything covered against the cold.

I used 1cm elastic for the ruching at the sides. As you can see in the sweaters, there was enough fabric left at the bottom for the last few months of pregnancy and I´m pleased to report that they lasted me till the very last day.

Final Verdict:

I really really love this pattern. If I ever get pregnant again I´ll definitely make it up again and I can advise anyone to get this pattern as well, as soon as they´re pregnant.



  • I made up a size M and found these to be very true to size each time. It does depend on the stretchiness of the fabric. So I´d advise going up a size or adding width if your fabric doesn´t have the required amount of stretch.


  • Dresses: Lenghtened the skirt till it was knee length, I just measured from my hips to my knees (don´t remember how much it was precisely)
  • Heathered sweatshirt fleece: Added 2¨ (5cm) to CF en CB seam to add extra width to compensate the lack of stretch



*Special thanks (again) to Caroline for taking the pictures and to Hanne for making me feel at ease and making me laugh while posing.

5 thoughts on “Maternity make – Cute Cara

  1. Your dresses and sweatshirts are lovely and you looked great – you are a walking advertisement for pregnancy (luckily I am passed all that). Thanks for the plug. I used it to make a zircon Sweatshirt and haven’t photographed it yet – I forgot about trying to pattern match so am not too happy with it.

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    1. I´m very happy this pregnancy is over. Not that it was particulary hard, I just don´t like being pregnant. I forgot how easy it was to do simple things like crawl into bed 😀 Too bad you don´t like the way the Zircon turned out, I was lucky that I only had to pattern match the side seams. And once past the ruching it was impossible anyway.


  2. Thanks for posting your maternity makes! I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant and just out grew several of my favorites, so back looking for inspiration again. You look cute in all of these which is tricky at the end! 😉

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