#JungleJanuary Bettine

I know #JungleJanuary is over, but since this dress had no hanger (or mannequin) appeal, I had to wait for the baby to vacate the premises before I could get pictures. (Spoiler: There aren´t any (decent) pictures of me wearing this dress)

Ever since I started planning my post partum wardrobe I´ve been thinking about making another Bettine. I just had to find away around the whole ´totally not nursable´ factor. In the end I decided to make a knit Bettine using my own relax tee pattern as the top. This way I could just pull down the neckline to nurse.


I used a black cotton jersey for the top and adapted my tee pattern to have long sleeves so it would be more winter appropriate. I opted for a narrow binding around the neckline and a 4 cm hem for the sleeves. I´ve seen this before in some RTW tops and it felt like good a time as any to try. Plus this way, if the fabric ends up shrinking I can let out the sleeves 😉

I combined that with the leftover fabric of my Ruched maternity skirt (yet to be blogged). This fabric is truly amazing. It´s a tiger stripe printed ponte but black-on-black. The print looks like leather which gives the whole fabric an edgy yet suble effect. I loved it the minute I saw it and I still kick myself for not buying the entire bolt! But with some careful cutting I knew I had enough leftover for another non-maternity skirt. The ponte is an excellent weight for the skirt portion of Bettine. It´s heavy enough that it doesn´t show any panty lines and it keeps the shape of the pockets. It´s just stretchy enough to give that extra bit of comfort.

I chose to use the same pattern pieces as before (size 6) but because I thought it was a bit short last time, I opted to add 5 cm (2¨) to the hem. I ended up sewing a 5 cm deep hem because it looked good, so the length isn´t that much longer than the original. I´ll be wearing this thing with tights anyway, so it´ll be decent at least 😉

Final Verdict:

As there are no pictures of me wearing it post-pregnancy, you probably already suspect this dress didn´t turn out all I wanted it to be. In theory it looked exactly as I had imagined. In practice… It didn´t. But I´ll tell you all about it in my next post 🙂



  • Top: self-drafted
  • Skirt: Bettine, size 6


  • Made in knit fabric instead of woven
  • Added 5 cm (2¨) to the skirt hem
  • Took everything apart again so make separates.


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