#JungleJanuary Not Bettine Anymore

In my last post I told you how I made (what I thought) was the ideal Bettine. Since I´m writing another post about it, you´ve figured out that it wasn´t ideal.

What happened: It looked aweful when I wore it. It was probably due to the fact that my waist hasn´t returned to it´s pre-pregnancy size (duh!) and the heaviness of the fabric, but it just didn´t look right.

Also, this skirt is for very ´hippy´ people, I don´t have those kind of curves. So I unpicked 2 rows of zigzag stitches and a serged edge to take the dress apart. I took in the skirt at the side seams so it´s a lot straighter and I added an wide elastic waistband at the top. Much better this way AND seeing I was unsure about how the ´print´ would hold up in the washing machine, I can now wash it seperately.

I turned the top part into a crop top by simply folding under the bottom edge and using a twin needle to stitch it down. I won´t wear this as a separate crop top but I´m hoping it´ll make a great layering piece. I still really love the skirt portion of the Bettine and I have plans to combine it with the Style Arc Demi Drape Top and the Style Arc Ronnie Wrap top to make some nursing friendly dresses. Only this time I´ll alter the pattern before sewing it together so I do not have to go back and correct the hippiness (yes, that is now a word)

But back to the skirt and the outfit. Let´s talk about the outfit for a moment. Have you seen how awesome it is? It´s so comfortable and I actually feel super stylish in it. Given, I won´t wear it to lounge around on the couch but it´s perfect for those days where I need to pack up the baby and get some errands done.

The skirt is supercomfortable and the subtle print takes an otherwise plain black pencil skirt to the next level. The pockets are awesome, big enough for whatever I have to carry around (cell phone, pacifier,…) so I see this skirt being made again and again. I´m thinking in a denim ponte or in a printed sweaterknit (I have just the thing in my stash!) I have so many patterns for a stretch pencil skirt and I´ve never made any of them. I could have guessed it would take a pattern hack to get the perfect one.

Have you seen my jacket? I´ve had this faux leather jacket for years and it is starting to show. But I love it so much! The model, the colour, the material,… although fairly inexpensive, I can´t imagine not having it. So now that it´s really starting to show its years, I had to look for a replacement. Only problem is that I want the exact same thing. Impossible ofcourse and in my quest for the perfect jacket, I´ve tried on tons of leather jackets and they were never 100% my thing. It´s especially difficult to find the same colour. Apparently burgundy is not in fashion this season… or in my price range.

So when I found an exact colour match faux leather in my local fabric store, on sale I may add, I couldn´t ignore it and scooped it up. Now all I need is the perfect pattern and some matching ribbing and I´ll have a new (the same) jacket 🙂

Have you seen the scarf? Perfect infinity scarf that goes perfectly with my jacket and half my wardrobe… I want more of these but finding the perfect drapey fabric has proven to be difficult… My quest continues!

Final verdict:

I freaking love this outfit and I feel like a million dollars wearing it. Also, sign me up for a closet full of these skirts!

6 thoughts on “#JungleJanuary Not Bettine Anymore

  1. I luuuurve that jacket, so I’m anxiously waiting for you to find a suitable pattern for it. 😉 Good save on the skirt, sometimes you just have to admit that your hard work didn’t pay off and I’m glad you figured out how to rework it. I’m also kinda wanting to see the crop top in action.

    I’ve been eyeing some similar fabric at Hancock’s for a few months. The stuff I found is leopard not zebra, but that’s OK. I was thinking of making an unlined blazer with it, now I might have to buy extra to make a matching skirt… #notevenremotelypractical 😉


    1. I’m planning to take pictures of the crop top as well, but baby seems to have fun trowing up on it right before picture time 😉 And I say buy the extra fabric! You’ll only regret it if you don’t and a skirt doesn’t need much fabric 🙂

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      1. Haha! The joys of little ones. Does she have reflux? We ended up mixing a tiny bit of cereal in Scotch’s bottle because he had reflux so bad (he was also allergic to my milk, which worked out since I couldn’t make enough to feed him anyway.) Hope it gets better soon!

        And you are totally right about the fabric, of course. Tomorrow I’ll just have to buy it then. 😉


      2. My eldest had reflux so I had to stop breastfeeding at 8 weeks but this one just eats too much and ends up spitting up the excess. Preferably on the clothes I’m about to photograph 🙂

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