Convertible maxi-dress

February´s theme for Sew It Up was Evening Wear, because all the big awards seem to be handed out in February.

I love evening wear but my current life style doesn´t really call for it.

But I really wanted an evening gown…
Or 20…
Preferably in a knit because… secret pyjamas and all.

So it sounded like my Sewingskillz had to come to the rescue…
Accompanied by my Googleskillz and my Pinterestskillz!

(Seriously, how did people get inspiration or tutorials in the days before the internet)

But I do not have the time nor the place in my closet for 20 dresses.
So… A convertible dress that can change look/model in a blink of an eye… HELLZ YEAH!

Here´s the result!


And here!


And here!


And here!


And another one here!


And just one more!


Final verdict:

I really love this dress and I´m thinking of making a solid, shorter one to wear when the weather gets better. I still have to adjust the hem on this one because the rayon cut on the bias is stretching out a lot. So I´m letting it hang for a while. I might still make a matching tube top as to provide more coverage when needed.



  • I just typed in ´convertible dress DIY´ and ´infinity dress DIY´ into Pinterest and the tutorials were flying around my ears. I didn´t follow any of them exactly, I just took them as a general guideline and made my dress up as I went along.
  • I basically used a longer version of the Colette Myrtle skirt with a 5 cm waistband (with elastic) and two long tubes (60 cm x 150 cm).


  • Mine 🙂


  • Skirt = 1,5m forest green rayon jersey (deep stash!)
  • Wrap ties = 1,2m floral rayon jersey (deep stash!)

5 thoughts on “Convertible maxi-dress

  1. That is so gorgeous on you! I always see add for the dresses and think “yeah, but no one could arrange it that nicely themselves!” but clearly you can! Awesome!


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