It´s all a matter of perception.

I was scrolling through some unblogged pictures and came across these two. Both pictures were taken in the summer of 2014, when I was about the same size as I am now (only difference is that I had already stopped breastfeeding, so my cup size was a lot smaller)


The dress on the left (StyleArc Mia) was made for a wedding at the beginning of July, the dress on the right (Colette Truffle) was made for a family gathering at the end of June.

How I felt in both dresses is totally clear from the expression on my face.

  • I liked the dress on the right, but after a family member asked my mother if I was pregnant again (apparently, I looked really pregnant in that dress) it was banished to the closet and only came out again for these pictures.
  • I felt like a million dollars wearing the dress on the left. I had made a muslin, I loved the silk cotton I found and I spend hours finishing it to perfection. I was devastated that it was way too big after I lost weight, but I gave it to a dear friend who loved it as much as I did.

So if I had to chose one, I definitely felt better in the Mia BUT looking at the pictures now, I feel like the Truffle is more flattering to my figure and that I look a lot slimmer in it. I feel like the kimono sleeves on the left add a lot of bulk to my upper body even in a very fluid fabric, the hemline isn´t right for me either, it makes my knees look weird. I didn´t feel good in my body back then (still carrying quite a few pregnancy pounds) but looking at the Colette dress I now think I look quite alright. The fit wasn´t perfect yet and it might be the last woven dress I´ve sewn since, but I think it might be what I´m after right now…

What do you think? Am I correct assuming that the right one is more flattering (objectively speaking)?


15 thoughts on “It´s all a matter of perception.

  1. I agree with you! The one on the right looks more flattering, except that you look a lot more happy in the dress on the left! For me, that’s super important too, how you feel 🙂 That smile makes people forget whatever it is that you are wearing!
    If you need any help with fitting, I’m always willing to help 🙂
    I think a mash-up of the right dress top and the left dress skirt would be pretty awesome too!


    1. The actually have the same type of skirt but I left the ruffle off the Truffle (see what I did there). I might need a lot of help fitting, so I’ll have to sew up some muslins and come on over 😀


    2. ^ Agree completely. You definitely look happier in the dress on the left, but I would say that the one on the right is more “flattering”, for whatever that’s worth. However, I know exactly how it feels to have someone ask if you’re pregnant (again)–particularly after a rough childbirth where you would rather do anything besides have another kiddo…


  2. Ok, I’m going to start by saying both dresses look lovely on you. The looser fitting dress on the left looks cool and relaxed and the focus is on that lush fabric. But I cannot see the ‘is she pregnant again?’ In the dress on the right. The waist sits at a natural place,, the length hits at a nice spot and the silhouette is really clean and chic having said all that, there’s probably room for both types of dresses, as long as you’re comfortable.


    1. I didn’t feel like I looked pregnant in it, until someone pointed it out, feeling as bad as I did back then, that was enough for me to never wear the dress again. Now I don’t care as much about looking pregnant, I’m a mom of two, it’s just reality 😀


  3. Voor ik je tekst las, dacht ik: “ohjee wat een verschil!” Het rechterkleedje heeft het beste model voor jouw lichaam. De kleuren vind ik persl dan weer iets te flets voor je. De tinten vh linkerkleedje fleuren jou veel meer op. Aangeknipte mouwen zijn trouwens nefast voor meer dan de helft van de vrouwelijke wereldbevolking!


  4. I’m with Smitteness – they both look great and both are styles that I think you would look great in again. In the kimono dress, the lighter fabric isn’t holding the a-line shape of the skirt, so your hips look really slim compared to the blousy top… and in the other top, the a-line skirt is emphasizing how petite and trim your upper body is! Kinda like reverse optical illusions, and both fun to exploit in their own way. I can’t believe anyone made a pregnancy comment while you wore the righthand dress – you look fab!


  5. I like the “smoothness” around the waist on the one of the right. It makes your waist more defined… Or something. On the gathered one on the left your waist is sort of lost. The one on the left looks more casual. Like a beach and sandals. I don’t know where the “pregnant” comment came from. You look lovely in both photos!


  6. i too prefer the dress on the right (while you totally off the one on the left too!). I think you suit a fitted bodice and also on the knee length looks really good. I wonder if you couldn’t add a circle or semi circle skirt to the right hand bodice. This way you would not have any extra fabric at the waist while still have a bit of twirlyness around the knees. Would make running around after kids a lot easier too!

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  7. Flattering is such a subjective word, however I think you probably look slimmer in the dress on he right. It defines your waist better. I think the a line skirt suits your shape better too. Having said that, you still look fabulous in the dress on the left too. You look pregnant in neither photo!!


  8. I like both dresses on you and specific details about each dress. I like the v-neck of the left and the length of the right. I like the brighter overall color of the left and your natural waist being better defined on the right. I think the dress on the right makes you look taller, which helps make you look slimmer in general. If you were to make the dress on the right in brighter colors and change the neckline to a V or deeper scoop, I think you’d find the perfect balance of fit to feelings.

    As I said in my comment on your previous post a couple back, you can wear anything as long as you have confidence not to look uncomfortable. And yeah, I still want to raid your closet! =)


  9. The one on the right looks fab – and doesn’t make you look pregnant! The one on the left does add more bulk to your upper half and it makes you look shorter too. I know you love that dress but objectively I think the sleeveless one suits you way more.


  10. I had to re-read the left-right explanation because I couldn’t believe someone said you looked pregnant. I think the truffle dress looks really lovely on you!


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