SWAP Spring – Summer 2016

I´ve thought long and hard about what I wanted to sew for this Spring or Summer. I have loads of clothes, part of which don´t fit me, part of which do fit me but make me feel very ´momish´. I like being comfortable but I know myself well enough to realise that I need to feel pretty as well, if I want to keep my sanity up 😀

So I sat down with all my pattern magazines and my stack of paper and PDF patterns to look for inspiration about what I want to make. The following lists feel incomplete and overcrowded at the same time. Making all of these garments is crazy ambitious so I´m not even going to attempt it but it does give me a fair idea of what I would love to sew.

Fashionable foundations


Screenshot 2016-04-10 at 22.25.44
Top rowTrue Bias – Hudson Pants; Jalie – Stretch Jeans 2908; Megan Nielsen – Virginia Leggings; Bootstrap Patterns – Cinch Leg Jumpsuit; Grainline – Maritime Shorts Bottom Row: Deer and Doe – Fumettere; T&TB – Bettine (skirt); Simplicity 1717; Grainline – Moss skirt

I have to admit that the top row kind of scares me. I was never afraid to sew pants until the entire sewing community called sewing pants ´scary´ and ´hard´. I need to get over this ridiculous feeling and just sew them already, I´ve done it before with great outcome. The top row is less scary to sew , it´s just too bad that I can´t pull off any gathered or pleated skirts. I love the look of them but they make me feel like a fat toddler 😀

Chic Chemises


Screenshot 2016-04-10 at 22.26.03
Top row: StyleArc – Demi Drape Top; StyleArc – Ronnie Wrap Top; Bootstrap Fashion – Short sleeve drape neck blouse; Colette – Aster Bottom row: Megan Nielsen – Darling Ranges (tunic); Paprika Patterns – Opal Cardigan; Seamwork – Astoria; Bootstrap Fashion – Cropped vest

Making outfits out of separates is kind of hard for me. I have lots of separates but nothing really matches, making my outfits okay but not quite good enough. My main problem are shirts. I don´t like wearing regular t-shirts so most of the time I´m stuck. I´m hoping that these few will make me feel comfortable and get a spontaneous compliment  out of the husband 😉

Fabulous Frocks


Screenshot 2016-04-10 at 22.26.19
Top row: Megan Nielsen – Darling Ranges Dress; Cashmerette – Appleton; Bootstrap Fashion; Bootstrap Fashion; Bootstrap Fashion; True Bias – Southport Dress Bottom row: Dresses out of Knipmode magazine

I absolutely love wearing dresses. Throw on a dress, grab a cardigan and you are good to go. I really want to start wearing dresses again but they need to be nursing friendly or adaptable to be nursing friendly without looking like it (since I want to continue wearing them afterwards)

Cool Summer Nights


Screenshot 2016-04-10 at 22.26.36
Left: Measure Twice Cut Once – Baseball Singlet; Measure Twice Cut Once – Darcy Boxer Shorts Right: Bootstrap Fashion; Bootstrap Fashion

It´s time to say goodbye to my ratty old pyjamas. I´m probably not the only one who keeps old t-shirts just to sleep in and has a heap of mis-matched tops and bottoms. I say ´no more´, I want to feel good crawling into bed with my husband 😉

My goal is to get a more cohesive wardrobe, a smaller wardrobe (for separates) and one that I absolutely love and feel good in, I´m trying to do this from stash wherever possible 🙂 Apart from the Jalie Jeans, the Southport dress and the Bootstrap patterns, I own all of these. I´m waiting to order the bootstrap patterns until the moment I actually want to make them as they are based on your own measurements, just like Lekala patterns.

More later!


5 thoughts on “SWAP Spring – Summer 2016

  1. These sound like great, if ambitious, plans!!! Trousers/pants are not hard to sew, but they can be trickier to fit, which can be just as off putting. Start with some jersey Hudsons – they are probably most forgiving in terms of fit.

    It’s hard to find nice nursing friendly clothes. I have to admit to sticking predominantly to jeans and a loose top with a vest underneath (pull one up and one down!!!). I saw something on Merrick’s Art’s IG feed about a zip front dress, which might be an idea (and is less fussy to do up afterwards than buttons with one hand!). The wrap dress idea would also work well. Good luck!!! X

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  2. At this point in the year, I always get excited that Jalie will release it’s annual collection, and that I’ll really love something from it! I really wish they released more pattern, because they are capable of making great basics. You’ve chosen some great patterns – I’m excited to see it all come together!!!

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    1. I love Bootstrap, they basically have the same patterns as Lekala, but they recently added an app to make your own patterns. For now, it’s just dresses, but you can choose all the details and out comes a pattern based on your measurements 🙂


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