Monday Morning Secret Pajamas

Soooo, IΒ΄m back πŸ™‚

IΒ΄m back at work (part time) and itΒ΄s been a real challenge getting things back in rotation. So if I want to blog more (because I want to) it needs to be quick and dirty πŸ˜‰

(There is no more room in my sewing room to take pictures so I tried some quick selfies in our bedroom mirror – which I need to clean #sorrynotsorry.)


Long story short: Only one of the items on my Fall list has been sewn, finished it two days ago and what IΒ΄ll be blogging about today isnΒ΄t even that. Weather has been really nice so far but IΒ΄ve been wearing the same 3 Summer dresses non-stop to work. I needed something new, fast! IΒ΄ve felt very indecisive for about 6 weeks because how I think I look and how I actually look arenΒ΄t the same. In my head IΒ΄m still as skinny as I was 10 years ago πŸ˜‰ So the plans IΒ΄ve been making havenΒ΄t been the most flattering and I felt stumped.

Luckily, I foundΒ some inspiration in this Polyvore collection on Pinterest. (What did we do before Pinterest?)


I started by recreating the black swing dress.

I took the Closet Case Files Nettie as a base. By slashing and spreading I made it into a tent dress which turned out very muumuu and tenty, with a very weird curved hem. So I sliced off 15 cm to make it short and sassy. (#nailedit) I used 1.5 m of black viscose knit, and about 15cm of black ribbing for the arm and neckline bands. I made the scoop neckline and the medium back.

I love how it looks with this cardigan and black tights. It might be a tad short for work but I need lounge wear too. This is perfect for everything and I donΒ΄t want to take it off, ever. So IΒ΄m guessing I need a few more which I can pair with blue or brown tights and the longer RTW cardigans in my wardrobe.



See you later!