Ebony = Love

Some patterns are just too good to resist. Especially when your friends make such awesome versions on release day 🙂

Colours are slightly washed out even after correcting.

The Ebony t-shirt & knit dress is exactly what I was trying to create when I made my black Nettie swing dress but Heather Lou made it even better. The hi-low hem is on point and the sleeve variations give it everything you want and more.

I made a straight size 14 after Gillian advised to size down when in between sizes. Next time I’ll shorten it beforehand because this needed a 2″ hem to be sassy. I also have a 2″ sleeve hem. #yesimshort

Other than that, perfect fit 🙂

These are the real life colours. Better lighting but the backdrop was making this feel like a camo outfit.

I’m not going into the whole “flattering vs non-flattering for my shape” discussion. Let’s just say that I don’t care and that I love love love this dress! I feel sexy and sassy and that’s what counts #somuchcomfort #somuchtwirling

Accidental boobflower – #dontcare

Final verdict:

LOVE . period



  • Size 14 (measurements put me in between 14 and 16)


  • 2″ hem (tips on hemming this thing – here)
  • 2″ sleeve hem
  • took in the sleeves with my serger


  • 2m rayon jersey


Stay put for more!





Glitter deer combo



This little lady turned 3 last week (#cuemommytears, #stopgrowingup) and my aunt bought her this cosy sweatshirt knit. Little did she know that my stash contained matching fabric (#stashisuseful). An idea was born and my sewjo was kicked back to life. (#halleluja)


  • Dress/tunic: Blå Blomma dress (Ottobre 1/2016) size 104
  • Leggings: Storm legging (Ottobre 1/2016) size 110

Fabric and notions:


What I like about working with Ottobre is the fact that their patterns are well-drafted, true to size and super fun. They always include little details which makes them extra special.

Dress/tunic: She still fits a 98 but I made a size 104 anyway so it’s still a little roomy but not by much. I’ve never tried high contrast ribbing because I prefer matched colours for my own clothes but the kid can pull it off and I really love how it turned out. I especially like the pockets, the yellow topstitching and the slight balloon shape due to the elastic hem.

Leggings: I decided to go up to a size 110 in the leggings because the fabric had less stretch than a regular cotton jersey and because I hope she’ll be able to wear it again next winter. The leggings have a 5cm hem at this point because they were way too long, but this way I can let it out if she happens to grow another inch or two. The samples in the magazines showed these leggings in 3 shades of coordinating blues but I decided to keep it simple by using the raw edge of the fabric as the contrast and just using one colour through out. They are cosy, soft and warm and she loves wearing them.


I usually don’t blog the things I sew for my kids but this is my life now and I’m really glad my sewjo is back even though I don’t feel like sewing for myself at this point. Maybe when the warmer weather rolls around 🙂 Until then, keep sewing!




I’d like to start by wishing you a happy 2017. May world peace and eternal happiness be forth coming! #optimist

2017 is only 3 days old and I’ve come to the biggest realisation in years. It’s a feeling I’ve had for a while but that I wasn’t able to properly voice or explain until now.

In a few days my blog will be 4 years old (#congratulations) and in those 4 years my life has known many changes and I’ve shared them all with you. As you well know, I became a mother almost 3 years ago and life hasn’t been the same since. I love my kids to death but three years of being either pregnant or on a diet while being sleep deprived has taken it’s toll.

I haven’t felt like myself in a while. Especially since I’ve gone back to work. Being an introvert, it’s always difficult to start teaching at a new school, but this year round it seemed even more daunting than ever. Like I’ve gone about this one to many times and I just don’t have the energy to do it all over again.

While I got my household affairs and the care for my kids in order, schoolwork and hobbies fell to the background, as did taking care of myself.

I’ve been struggling with my body for the past 11 months. I’ve gained weight since I gave birth, so I can’t really blame the baby. And while I don’t think I’m fat or unhealthy, this body just doesn’t feel like my own. I thought it would get better but it doesn’t. Especially since in my mind I’m still as skinny as I was pre-baby (or in between babies). My aesthetics haven’t changed either, but what once made me feel da bomb, now looks ridiculous.

All in all, I’m going through a major identity crisis style wise.

While a non-sewist would just go shopping and try out new outfits, I felt obliged to sew every single one of my garments. Needless to say this wasn’t happening, especially since I was sewing out of necessity rather than fun. I was sewing because I needed new clothes to wear. Which limited my projects to either fast fashion, finished in an evening or failed garments because I didn’t have to energy to sew a muslin.

I noticed that my sewjo was fading and that I was only sewing when I forced myself to. I felt guilty when I just wanted to watch TV or read a book. I felt like I had no time at all to sew, but when I did, I procrastinated so long, that there wasn’t any time left to actually sew. It didn’t stop me from planning and buying fabric though and I thought that if I bought just the right piece of fabric all my problems would be solved.

Obviously that didn’t happen. So I realised that feeling bad about a self imposed rule/agreement/deadline is just foolish. I shouldn’t feel bad because I’d rather watch tv than sew.

So I’ve decided to start 2017 afresh. I’ve cleared away all my sewing machines, made myself a little reading nook, occupied some more desk space for schoolwork, because I need a sewing break. I need to break this vicious cycle. I need to want to sew instead of having to sew.

I still love sewing, just not now and not for this body. That being said, this blogpost might just be the kick in the butt I needed to get my sewjo back, but if it isn’t, so be it.

I’ll still read blogs and sewing magazines and drool over fabric, I’ll just slow it down to what I truly feel like doing.

That was it!