I’ve been MIA for a while. Life and all. But 2018 is the year I want to start blogging again because I still sew (a lot), I miss telling others about it and IG is just not cutting it (the timeline drives me crazy)

2018 is also the year I want to stop caring about my weight. I’ve realised the past couple of months that having clothes that I love accomplishes that (for the most part).

Somewhere mid-fall I decided that it was time for a closet purge, a colour palette, a styling workshop and a confidence boost. I now have an entire winter wardrobe filled with things I love.


And I thought it would be nice to have some stats.

Wardrobe chart

I’m on a roll, I think I have finally sewn enough for winter (apart from a cosy new bathrobe) so that I can enjoy my everyday wardrobe and start planning for Spring. Because my Spring and Summer wardrobe need a major boost and overhaul.

Stay tuned!


PS I’ve changed the look of my blog a bit, let me know if anything isn’t working or is missing!

4 thoughts on “2018

  1. Happy new year and welcome back! 🙂 Also congratulations on your new wardrobe and -most of all- your premisse to stop caring about my weight! I had the same, let’s say epiphany a while back.
    Well fitting clothes go a long way to feeling great and I discovered that “stop caring about my weight” and “stop caring about my body” is not at all the same. I still want to accomplish things, make sport and get stronger, but my weight isn’t something I consider in all of that and it’s not what drives me forward. It’s very freeing and a positive attitude is always helpful! 🙂

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