MeMy name is Stephanie and I’m a teacher from Belgium.

I teach History and English to children age 10-16 and I love it. Never thought I would find something that I loved even more. But guess what… I did.

In the Summer of 2012, I needed something to keep me occupied for 8 weeks and because my grandmother showed me some tips and tricks about sewing when I was about 10, I decided to give it a try again. My grandmother passed away a few years ago so she couldn’t help me get started but my boyfriend’s grandmother made up for it. She gave me her spare sewing machine and I was good to go.

I didn’t have the time to take on sewing classes so I used my love for books and the internet to help me in my love for sewing. Sewing has introduced me to so many wonderful people and I’ve learned so much by reading blogs and blogging myself.

I live in Olen with my husband, 2 cats, 2 daughters and baby boy. I try doing something sewing related each day to keep me happy and relaxed 🙂 It´s not as easy as it used to be but every little moment counts.

Hope you like what I do and hopefully I can inspire some of you!


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