Glitter deer combo



This little lady turned 3 last week (#cuemommytears, #stopgrowingup) and my aunt bought her this cosy sweatshirt knit. Little did she know that my stash contained matching fabric (#stashisuseful). An idea was born and my sewjo was kicked back to life. (#halleluja)


  • Dress/tunic: Blå Blomma dress (Ottobre 1/2016) size 104
  • Leggings: Storm legging (Ottobre 1/2016) size 110

Fabric and notions:


What I like about working with Ottobre is the fact that their patterns are well-drafted, true to size and super fun. They always include little details which makes them extra special.

Dress/tunic: She still fits a 98 but I made a size 104 anyway so it’s still a little roomy but not by much. I’ve never tried high contrast ribbing because I prefer matched colours for my own clothes but the kid can pull it off and I really love how it turned out. I especially like the pockets, the yellow topstitching and the slight balloon shape due to the elastic hem.

Leggings: I decided to go up to a size 110 in the leggings because the fabric had less stretch than a regular cotton jersey and because I hope she’ll be able to wear it again next winter. The leggings have a 5cm hem at this point because they were way too long, but this way I can let it out if she happens to grow another inch or two. The samples in the magazines showed these leggings in 3 shades of coordinating blues but I decided to keep it simple by using the raw edge of the fabric as the contrast and just using one colour through out. They are cosy, soft and warm and she loves wearing them.


I usually don’t blog the things I sew for my kids but this is my life now and I’m really glad my sewjo is back even though I don’t feel like sewing for myself at this point. Maybe when the warmer weather rolls around 🙂 Until then, keep sewing!




“Bigger on the inside” travel set

I wish I had made a Tardis (preferably with The Doctor included – preferably David Tennant) but I made a travel set instead!

We had an upcoming holiday to France. Only problem: Baby is not a light packer… Or rather mommy is not a light packer for the baby. So with a car filled with baby necessities we needed luggage that we could push and shove into the last remaining airpocket 🙂

Enter: the Portside Travel Set by Grainline Studio.

I’m seriously IN LOVE with this pattern. I’ve never been the one to sew anything but clothes but this was the exception. I decided to make a set for me, my husband and the baby (talking about being ambitious)

I could praise this pattern all night long. It’s perfectly drafted, everything matches up perfectly and the explanation is very clear!


I used a brown cotton canvas for the bottoms, a white/navy blue linen look canvas for the upper part and off white canvas for the lining. I opted for navy blue webbing for the straps and a navy blue metal zip (I heart metal zips). This might not seem like the most ‘fun’ bag (I’m totally jealous of the one I made the baby) but I felt great carrying it around and my husband loved it as well. And doesn’t this fabric look like it could be a 10th Doctor suit?


I decided to omit the shoulder strap since I knew I would never use it.
Apart from that I followed the pattern to a T.
Once you get past interfacing the gazillion pieces (seriously, so many pieces! – Note: I did have to interface 3 sets!) this is actually quite a quick sew. The only trouble I had was when I had to insert the zips ’cause I suck at putting them in by machine, so I decided to hand pick them.



In retrospect the only mistake I made is that I didn’t attach the straps like Jen suggested and it ripped in transport, they did look nice though and I love the pockets! (Note: Very easy fix)


I sadly wasn’t able to finish the entire set because I started this only the day before we were supposed to leave. (It’s a quick sew, but not that quick) But I did manage to finish the three duffel (duffle?) bags and those were the most important ones anyway!


But why did I call them “Bigger on the inside”? Because these are HUGE on the inside! I was able to fit an entire week worth of stuff inside one of them (apart from my shoes obviously, but then again, if I had only taken two pair instead of three, they would have fitted inside as well). To give you an idea. My bag contained: 2 small towels, 1 large, 5 dresses, 2 jumpsuits, underwear and socks, a jacket, my toiletries, accessories, a bikini, two scarves, 2 books and all my chargers).

One last thing: Baby LOVES her bag!


The One with the Bapron

My baby is a spitter, a cute one, but a spitter non the less. It’s amazing that she grows like she does, considering all the milk she doesn’t keep down.

She isn’t bothered by it and if it were just about extra laundry nor would I be. But she doesn’t like to change clothes, so having to do it 5-6 times a day because she’s covered in milk, isn’t making her any happier.

So I had to think of something. And when I came across the Bapron (baby apron), I felt like I found my answer.
It seems like the perfect solution to keep her clothes from getting soaked everytime and it doesn’t turn around like her bibs do, because she’s one lively little baby 🙂

So despite the fact that the pattern is meant for 6 month old babies and older, I ordered the pattern straight away.
I had to be in town anyway so I picked up some fat quarters and bias tape to get started.

I knew the pattern would be way too big so I took a gamble and scaled it at 75%. It worked like a charm, perfect size for my 7 week old baby. (7 weeks already, time flies!)
Because it was so small I managed to get 4 baprons out of 1 fat quarter. For backing I used a cheap towel in a matching colour.
Sewing it up was fairly easy, I only fiddled a bit with the bias binding.

I love the result and it’s been tested already! Works like a charm 🙂



Update: I made two more and I’ve got another one cut out but ran out of bias tape.

Doesn’t she look cute!


As far as sewing for myself goes, I’ve been buying fabric and patterns. I’ve been glueing, tracing and cutting them. But there hasn’t been any actual sewing. It’s just so hard to leave the baby alone to go to my sewing room, even if she’s napping 🙂 I haven’t got a table in our temporary living room so I can do all the prep work but not the sewing itself.

The One with The Blue Itty Bitty Baby Dress

During one of her naptimes (well, a few of them) I managed to cut out 4 Itty Bitty Baby dresses, the free newborn baby dress by Made by Rae.
I cut the larger size as I wanted this to fit her a little bit longer. Since these need very little fabric I cut out two blue chambray and two pink cotton poplin ones (I still have 15m of the poplin left). I wanted to make matching tights since I didn’t want her legs to be cold and all she has for ‘pants’ are pajama onesies so I used the free tights pattern by Made by Rae as well. I still had a cut out maternity shirt left, which never got sewn so I used that to make two pairs of tights . I used an owl print Stenzo interlock knit to cut out 2 more pairs of tights and matching (faux) patch pockets to put on 2 of the dresses.


I started with all 4 pairs of tights at once, which only took me 30 minutes. Super fast, super easy, I’m in love.

I’ve only managed to make one dress so far but it’s so very very cute! The pattern is a breeze to sew, although I need to find a better way to do the gathering (gathering stitches never seem to work well for me). I want to try out the gathering foot on my overlock, but since i don’t know how much it gathers, I’ll have to play around with it first. The dress did take longer than anticipated but that’s because of the gathering and the topstitching.

The dress is the size I thought it would be, but because it doesn’t have any closures, it won’t fit her as long as I had hoped since I still need to get it on. 🙂 The shoulder straps are great to nibble on when she looses her pacifier. The tights are still a bit long, but that’s ok since the pattern was meant for a 3-6 month old.

finished product

I love the result! And she loves it too and even told all about her pretty dress to the baby in the mirror (she started talking to herself in the mirror this week).
And doesn’t she look exactly like a little Disney Princess?


Since this dress is blue, it is obviously a #bluefebruary make!