The Epiphany of the Perfect Knit (Pencil) Skirt

For months I’ve been pinning pictures of fitted knit pencil skirts and oversized sweaters. I really wanted that as my go to outfit for fall and winter, even to go to work. (One of the perks of being a teacher – wear a scarf and tights and you can pretty much get away with anything) But finding the perfect skirt deemed to be harder than expected. I couldn’t find the perfect skirt or perfect pattern. I tried on a few skirts in stores to see what I liked, but they were either too long, too short or too flimsy (or pricey). … Continue reading The Epiphany of the Perfect Knit (Pencil) Skirt

The One with The Thread Holder

My sewing space is limited. So I have to carefully plan every bit of space I have. Because the container I used to store my thread spools was getting kind of full, I was looking for another way to store them. A way to store them off my sewing table, since that space is limited itself. I came along various thread spool holders online , found some great ideas but neither of them was exactly as I envisioned it in my head. I wanted a thread spool holder that was practical AND beautiful at the same time. I had the … Continue reading The One with The Thread Holder