I’ve been MIA for a while. Life and all. But 2018 is the year I want to start blogging again because I still sew (a lot), I miss telling others about it and IG is just not cutting it (the timeline drives me crazy) 2018 is also the year I want to stop caring about my weight. I’ve realised the past couple of months that having clothes that I love accomplishes that (for the most part). Somewhere mid-fall I decided that it was time for a closet purge, a colour palette, a styling workshop and a confidence boost. I now … Continue reading 2018

The One with the Fabric Fair!

Today I had an impromptu fabric fair visit. The day before yesterday I found out that this giant travelling fabric fair was coming to Antwerp and it seemed the perfect opportunity to get some fabric for winter maternity wear. I asked Anneke to join me and she invited the rest of our Brussels meet up, but sadly only Hanne could make it. (She’s awesome though!) We met at Starbucks and took the tram to the fair. We wanted to get there bright and early so we wouldn’t have the big rush of people, too bad it seemed like everyone had … Continue reading The One with the Fabric Fair!

The One with All the Colours – Part 2

I got such wonderful reactions on my choice of colours. I worked on them a little more and thought about how my outfits would match better. Ideally I want to be able to pick any cardigan (I love cardigans), any top and any skirt/pants and they would match! So these are my official colours. Luckily, some of my stash matches these 🙂 I made my Mom promise she would hit me if I tried to change them again. ( I changed them about 10 times this week) Talking about my Mom. After I mentioned she is a (licensed) style and … Continue reading The One with All the Colours – Part 2

The One with All the Colours

When I took my Seamless Pledge I wrote that my wardrobe was boring. I had gotten rid of everything I didn’t wear (or shouldn’t be wearing) and all I had left were plain boring basics. After organising my fabric stash I was left feeling a bit weird about my fabric. Part of the reason I went into sewing was the fact that I would be able to coordinate my wardrobe better. But organising my stash made it very clear that I love buying pretty fabrics but didn’t stand still to think about whether they would match the rest of my … Continue reading The One with All the Colours