Bundle of Joy

As IΒ΄m typing this there is a small wonderful bundle of joy snoring away next to me.


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The One where the Evil Masterplan worked

When I was pregnant I wanted to sew as much as I could in the hope my baby would get used to the sound of the sewing machine. That way, once she was born I could use her as an excuse to sew more. “But I need to sew honey, it calms down the baby!”

And apparently it worked. I bought a baby carrier today so I could carry her around and get things done around the house. In the evenings she tends to get a bit fussy and I decided to put her in, get behind my sewing machine to see if it would work. She instantly calmed down and fell asleep! I feel like a true evil genius.

And sewing with a baby carrier around my body isn’t even as hard as I thought. The sound of her snoring is a bit distracting though πŸ˜‰

Calm and sleepy baby
Calm and sleepy baby with her new baprons.

The One With The Baby

I was totally ready to post about my newly organised sewing room, but that night this little miracle decided it was time to meet mommy and daddy.

Meet Emily.


She was born 22 days early, but healthy enough to go home as planned. She’ s the sweetest baby ever, she only cries when she’s hungry and she even lets us get enough sleep at night. We must be one of the very few parents who are not overly exhausted after having a new baby. I’m afraid we might not be this lucky with baby number 2.

She’s two weeks old now and even mommy’s doing very well. I’m already back to my pre-pregnancy weight and size. (The high waisted skirts I made last winter, fit me again). I must be cheating the system or something, because this is nothing like people told me it would be.

Ofcourse, it is quite a change. My husband is completely in love with his daughter. And the cat … Well, the cat is not happy since she doesn’t understand why this wrigly little thing gets more attention than she does. I understand why so many sewcialists with children order fabric online cause it takes forever to get the baby ready to go anywhere. And the few times I risked a quick trip to the store without her, I would get a call from my husband telling me to come back because she’s hungry. The joys of breastfeeding πŸ˜‰

I’ll write about the sewing room and everything else for sure, but for now, it’s hard to do anything but stare at the little lady πŸ™‚

The One where I need Holiday Inspiration

Hi guys,

I need your help!
I want to wear something pretty for the upcoming holidays but I’m all out of ideas. I want to look pretty and festive and not feel like whale. My problem is mostly due to the fact that I have such nice fabric in my stash that it would feel like a waste using it for a one time maternity holiday dress.

Is that weird?

So any suggestions? On patterns or fabric?

And for those interested here’s a small construction and baby update:

We’re getting our central heating installed today (finally). The upstairs are finished apart from the painting. We’ve decided to keep our temporary kitchen for now since construction is so much more expensive than we originally thought and we’d like to keep some money for the baby πŸ™‚

Speaking of the baby, it is doing perfect. Heartbeat is super strong and it moves all the time. I’ve got 8 more weeks to go and I’m definitely countng down as It’s getting harder and harder for me πŸ™‚ The weight I gained is situated all on my belly which is good, but because of that my balance is all off and my back has to carry the shifted weight. Which caused my back muscles to tense up. I’m in constant pain so I carry around a heat pad wherever I go πŸ™‚ The thing that bothers me most about my back is that it keeps me from sewing since sitting at my desk and bending over is nearly killing me πŸ™‚ I’ve also stopped being able to put on my own shoes and socks, even getting in and out of the shower has proven to be difficult at times (the bath tub border is too high)

But I’m happy the baby is doing great and everything else is forgotten as soon as the baby starts kicking. I love it so much already!

The One with All the Big News

Before I get to all my big news I have to tell a little background story:

The past few weeks have been crazy busy. About 6 weeks ago our landlord decided that we didn’t pay enough for utilities, so he wanted to raise the price we paid for them. We did some calculations ourselves and turned out we were already paying way too much for utilities. So we told him we were willing to pay more if he could prove to us, we were actually spending that much, if he didn’t want to prove it, he should just let us go before our lease was up and without paying a fine.

He chose the leaving part and then decided to put our appartment up for rent with the same price for utilities but a higher rent. It was pretty much clear to us that he just wanted to raise rent and since he couldn’t do that with us in it, he wanted to get more money by raising the cost of utilities.

So we had 4 months to find a new place. We decided pretty soon that we didn’t want to go through this trouble again and decided to buy a house instead of renting one. It was a hard search. Because we’re planning on having 3 children and we both need an office/sewing area, we needed quite a big house. We also wanted a large backyard inΒ a well-located area. I can tell you, it wasn’t easy locating anything within our budget either.

But then we found it… The perfect 5 bedroom house, with a huge backyard. It requires minimum amounts of work and I just fell in love.

So we put in our offer and a week later we got the good news!

We now actually own a house!!!

The house!
The house!
The garden is huge!
The garden is huge!

So we’re very very happy.

But that’s not the end of my story yet.

The second week of May, I wasn’t feeling MMM13 anymore. I wasn’t feeling too well, I was busy running around to get everything sorted for the new house and the weather wasn’t allowing me to wear as many Me-Mades as I wanted to. So I decided to stop taking pictures, stop blogging about it and just wear the Me-Mades I could. It felt like such a relief.

Now, I found out why I wasn’t feeling too well. I wasn’t coming down with something, apparently I’m justΒ PREGNANT πŸ™‚ And you can not believe how happy I am with that! We found out on Tuesday, signed the deed to our house on Wednesday so you can imagine it was a pretty hectic week.

We told our families over the weekend. My mother couldn’t stop crying, but they were happy tears πŸ™‚

So we’re very happy to have our house and our new baby on the way (due in January).

I once said I couldn’t wait to be pregnant so I could order ALL of Megan Nielsen’s maternity patterns. Well, I splurged and I did buy them ALL!

My boyfriend is very happy as well, keeps giving little kissing on my tummy – I’m so glad he doesn’t read my blog or he would kill me for telling you this πŸ˜‰

He even bought me this very very very cute set of bibs!


These will be my inspiration for the nursery, as I think they’re not gender specific and make a cute idea for both boys and girls!

So that was it. It has been a thrilling week and there is a very exciting and scary time coming, but I’m looking forward to it!

I actually got some sewing done as well this week, including a new coat, but more about that later as coats are less important than babies πŸ™‚