SWAP Project 1: Darcy Boxer Shorts

Yesterday I finally decided to stop planning and start sewing. Clothes donΒ΄t sew themselves or I could just as well go back to buying them. I started with a very Β΄selfishΒ΄ project. Nobody apart from my husband (and daughters) is ever going to see me in these pyjamas and he prefers me not wearing any at all πŸ˜‰ But still, I want to feel pretty when I crawl in bed next to him.

I thought some Β΄silkΒ΄ boxers would be a good starting point so I set out to make 2 pairs of Darcy Boxers shorts. ItΒ΄s a free pattern by Measure Twice Cut Once and I had only read good things about them.



I decided to do everything right and follow the instructions to a T. I have to admit that for a free pattern these instructions are wonderful. They are extensive and helpful. They werenΒ΄t as quick as I had guessed (hoped) but it was a day well spend.


I opted for snaps because I was too lazy to sew buttonholes and they werenΒ΄t going to be functional anyway. This way I got to Β΄practiceΒ΄ setting in pearl snaps. I have to say, I want to put pearl snaps on everything now and IΒ΄m really tempted to order some other colours as well.


A bit wrinkled since I slept in them πŸ™‚

Final verdict:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this pattern. ItΒ΄s absolutely lovely and a breeze to sew. Great for scraps. But instead of feeling all elegant in my Β΄silkyΒ΄ new pyjama bottoms, I feel like IΒ΄m wearing Hugh HefnersΒ΄ underpants. They remain boxer shorts in the end and their cut is very masculine, combine that with the silky fabrics and IΒ΄ve got instant Playboy vibes πŸ˜€

DoesnΒ΄t mean they wonΒ΄t get worn though, they are the only warm weather appropriate pyjama bottoms I have so until I find another pattern, these will be in heave rotation πŸ˜‰

IΒ΄m even willing to give the pattern another try, but this time use the Β΄feminineΒ΄ instructions and use a different fabric πŸ™‚



  • Cut a size XXL


  • Took in both sides by 1 cm (so 4cm in total)
  • Used snaps instead of buttons
  • Used 4cm elastic instead of 2,5 cm because it was all I had on hand

Fabric & Notions:

  • Red print poly, remnant from stash (no longer available online)
  • Watercolour silk cotton (gift from Hanne)
  • Pearl snaps – bought here
  • Interfacing – stash