#MMMay14 – Roundup

Well, it looks like May isn’t likely to become my favourite month. Week one went extremely well and I must say that I really did wear all the Me-Mades I pledged I would but picture taking is another matter. In week 2 the baby got sick, followed by the hubby and me in week 3. Week 4 was a short workweek but we had a charity event on Wednesday which took so much preparation that I just lost it. Every ounce of organisational skill went out the door 🙂 We used the weekends to finish our kitchen and to clean … Continue reading #MMMay14 – Roundup

#MMMay14 Day1-7

My weekly round-up:           My thoughts for the week: I seem to have a lot of tops. But I’m working on that. I’ve made my new pattern for the week, a Colette Ginger skirt and plan to write up my thoughts on that wonderful piece of clothing soon… I’ve finished 2 UFO’s but I’m not happy with them so they will be altered 🙂 All in all, I’m happy with the way things are going, just forgive me the crappy pictures, it’s all I can manage 🙂   PS This is my 100th blogpost! Hurray! Continue reading #MMMay14 Day1-7


Last year I gave up on Me Made May after a week, on the one hand my pledge was too severe and on the other hand I wasn’t feeling to good at the time. Turned out I wasn’t feeling well because I was pregnant. This year, I’m not pregnant (although, I wish I was :D) and I’m keeping it real with my pledge. When sewing I tend to stick to the easier patterns because I want to have something new with minimum effort 🙂 It hasn’t changed with the baby. One thing that has changed is that I pay more … Continue reading #MMMay14

The One With The Crazy Weekend

One thing I noticed I was lacking a bit for MMM’13 were tops and cardigans. So because this weekend for the first time in weeks, I had time to sew stuff I just sewed away. And I might have overdone it 🙂 Above: I had some red cotton jersey and red lace left from the dress I made. So I made a T-shirt (self-drafted) out of the jersey with a lace overlay at the front and lace sleeves. I made a matching jersey cardigan based on the Renfrew pattern. Below: Another Renfrew cardigan, but in a lacey sweater knit. I’ve … Continue reading The One With The Crazy Weekend

Me-Made-May ’13 – Week 1

My first MMM week has past. It was a short week, only 5 days but it has been fun already!   May the 1st: My first day started on the 30th of April. I had to go to a prom hosted by my old sorority and decided to make my own red lace dress.  I got lots of compliments. The pattern is based on the Maria Denmark Day To Night top. I saw the dress on SewBusyLizzy’s blog and fell in love with it. So when I was trying to decide what I was going to wear, it wasn’t too … Continue reading Me-Made-May ’13 – Week 1

The One with All the Changes

Hey you guys, It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve blogged anything, but the thing is that it has been crazy busy! I’ve made quite a few new items the past two weeks but I haven’t had any time to blog about them. We’re kinda in the middle of a rental dispute with our landlord. He wants us to pay more for utilities, but he’s already charging us more than we’re actually using. And we were supposed to get the ‘right’ price after a year, but he doesn’t even want to show us the bills to prove his point. … Continue reading The One with All the Changes