My #Augusttribute

The sewcialist theme for this month is August Tribute (am I the only one who thinks of the Hunger Games when hearing the word Tribute?) So let me tell you about my inspiration! Although you wouldn’t say so based on the stuff I sew, there is one sewcialist I have the sewing hots for (is that even a thing?) Can you guess who? I’ll give you 4 clues… 1. She sews a lot of pretty dresses! 2. She obviously likes slouchy boots. 3. She owns SO.MANY cardigans. 4. We speak the same language! Do you know who it is? That’s … Continue reading My #Augusttribute

The One with the Calendar

I have been planning to do a lot of sewing but when plans just stay in my head and don’t get transferred to some kind of calendar, they tend to get pushed back. So I decided to make my own calendar as I tend to absolutely hate the ones you can buy are find online. I’m very picky about calendars 🙂 Because I put in the effort to make one, I thought why not share it with you all. This one is just for the month of August (yes, I know, it’s the 5th already, but the idea only came … Continue reading The One with the Calendar

The One with the Sewcialbee

The challenge About a week ago me and some fellow sewcialists were talking about the new ‘Great Online Sewing Bee’ on Twitter. Some of us applied, we even had some matching hashtags (#pickheather, #pickgillian, #picklaura) but sadly, none of them got picked (I still think this is a huge mistake!) While talking about this we decided that we wanted our own low-key sewing challenge. Something fun, without the actual pressure, judges or prizes. We would get a challenge and then just have fun making those. We wanted to have a test run with a smaller group for the first challenge … Continue reading The One with the Sewcialbee

For you February – Project Weekender Bag & Project Pajamas

This For You February post isn’t the most impressive one but I had fun doing it so I wanted to share it anyway. For You February for my Dad. It was my father’s birthday coming up and I wanted to give him something personal. He’s a Landrover Defender maniac and he goes away on weekends with a Landrover club a lot. But everytime he has to take one of my mother’s bags and they are all quite feminine. So I decided to make him a weekender bag. I based my bag on this tutorial for a zippered box pouch. I … Continue reading For you February – Project Weekender Bag & Project Pajamas

For You February – Project Bumblebee

The Twitter Sewing community got talking again and suddenly we all realised that we were all sewing for others this month. We decided it needed a name and For You February was born. Leave it to the ever lovely Gillian to design a logo for it! It wasn’t any different for me. There were some ‘For you’ projects on my list for this month. Only difference is, they weren’t presents. People actually asked me to make these (which does make me a little proud of myself) for a special occasion. So instead of taking it easy, I was on a … Continue reading For You February – Project Bumblebee