Thinking about size and shape.

For the first three weeks after baby was born, I was sewing up a storm. She was sleeping when she wasn´t eating and I was happy to be able to sew clothes that weren´t maternity wear. But the last week or two, she´s been sleeping less and crying more so I´ve been spending less and less time in my sewing room. Not in the least because exhaustion of nursing 15 times a day is wearing me down and I just want to lie on the couch. Nothing wrong with that 5 weeks post partum but it´s not really what I … Continue reading Thinking about size and shape.

Dieting 101: Need your help :)

Hi guys, Thanks so much for your feedback about cutting into my fabric. I’ve decided to ‘get over myself’ and use my pretty fabrics now, because there will always be more fabric and who am I kidding, I won’t be able to resist them anyway. But that’s not why I need your help. Between juggling work, household, a baby and a house under construction, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Last week I decided to go on a diet. The weight has been creeping up on me slowly for the last years. And now I want to lose it. I already … Continue reading Dieting 101: Need your help 🙂

The One with the Wardrobe Malfunction

In the last two weeks I’ve realised two major things: 1. My wardrobe is completely unfit for breastfeeding. I’ve got two dresses which are slighty breastfeeding friendly but that’s it. 2. Although I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy size I’ve still got a few inches to go. Apart from that I’ve gained quite a few kilos over the past 5 years and they’ve never made me feel good about myself. Combine that with my new role as a mother and the fact that I’m on the wrong side of 25 and we’ve got grounds for a serious wardrobe/identity crisis. I’ve … Continue reading The One with the Wardrobe Malfunction