The One where I need YOUR help!

It was time to try out a new pattern, well new… I’ve had it for quite some time but I didn’t get round to making it before. But because I’m participating in Me-Made-May this year I needed some more tops, t-shirts and blouses. So this is the first 🙂 Something I’ve never done before but did this time: I cut my pattern instead of tracing it! GASP!! I just couldn’t handle tracing this kind of pattern paper again. So I took my size, cut it and then ironed on fusible interfacing. The interfacing made it heaven to work with, I … Continue reading The One where I need YOUR help!

The One with The Dolman Sleeve Top

It didn’t take long so here it is 🙂   Pattern: Free Dolman Sleeve Top pattern by Cation Design It’s a PDF pattern with only 8 pages as the front and back sit on top of each other. I printed out the pattern twice, cut all 8 pages twice and taped them together twice… Just so I didn’t have to trace the damn thing 🙂 I guess it’s fairly obvious by now I hate tracing patterns. Fabric: A blue sweater knit that arrived two days ago. I wanted to use this fabric for the top after I saw Sally’s version … Continue reading The One with The Dolman Sleeve Top

The One with the Megan Nielsen and Rayon Knit happiness combo!

A while ago, after Paunnet’s post about her jersey Banksia there was some talk about how hard it was to find nice jersey fabric. Nice as in, sweet and floral but not childlike or granny like. Somehow I ended up in a fabric shop yesterday (totally by accident, I didn’t mean to :p) and I decided (for once) to ask the shoplady to help me out. Normally I just wonder around looking at what they have, but this time I asked her if she had any sweet and girly jersey fabrics (without it being childlike or granny like). We went … Continue reading The One with the Megan Nielsen and Rayon Knit happiness combo!

The one with the Engagement

I’m very happy announce the upcoming wedding between me and the Renfrew Pattern. (I just wish my BF would propose so I had a real wedding announcement) Pattern: Renfrew by Sewaholic Fabric: A sturdy grass green knit I had in my stash. I only had 1.4m and the pattern needed 2m but after (re-)arranging my pattern pieces 6 times I finally managed to find a lay-out that would allow me to cut all the pieces out of 1.4m of fabric. Yay for me! Size and alterations: I followed Lizzie‘s advice and picked my size based on the finished measurements. The size … Continue reading The one with the Engagement

The one with the Alma Muslin.

I have to apologise for the Friends rip-off blog titles. But I’m lacking inspiration at the moment. I also promise that this will be the last blog post for the day 🙂 I have been working on the Alma Blouse pattern these last few days after being inspired by everyone who made this pattern (seriously, is there anyone out there who hasn’t made it yet 😉 ) Pattern: Alma Blouse by Sewaholic I traced the pattern onto some new pattern paper I’m trying out. I copied the smaller pieces so I could cut them out on the right size instead … Continue reading The one with the Alma Muslin.

Me Made Moose – Shirt

On Thursday it hit me! Planning your outfits and what you’re going to make is fine and all, but in the end you have to do some actual sewing. So I picked up a piece of fabric I’ve been wanting to turn into a sweater for a very long time and made it! Pattern: Megan Nielsen’s Briar Pattern (She’s also hosting a Briar sewalong right now) Fabric: A very soft, very cosy sweater knit with a ice-crystal and moose/reindeer print. Size and alterations: This knit was a lot stretchier than the previous one I used for this pattern so I … Continue reading Me Made Moose – Shirt

Just couldn’t wait for the sewalong.

On Thursday I got the Briar pattern in the mail! Yay, I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to get started.But past mistakes taught me that I had to carefully plan my garment. I had this moss green knit for quite some time. I loved it, I bought it… Simple as that! But not as simple as finding a matching pattern. Until I saw the Briar pattern. This was my first attempt at outside pictures. It’s hard this time of year because I leave home in the dark and by the time my boyfriend gets home to take the pictures … Continue reading Just couldn’t wait for the sewalong.

Time for the Banksia and Kelly show-and-tell!

I mentioned my love for Megan Nielsen’s patterns a few times but I haven’t actually shown you what I made with those patterns. I made three Banksia tops: Left: Floral cotton – Basic Pattern Middle: Black and dotted jersey – Pattern altered for stretch Right: Light blue cotton/linen blend – Basic pattern hemmed with lace Detail of the lace hem. I used a bias tape as facing. Same method as the collar finish. I made two Kelly skirts: Left: Green gabardine – Basic Pattern Right: Brown Corduroy – Changed the pockets Detail of the pocket: Changed the pocket style on … Continue reading Time for the Banksia and Kelly show-and-tell!