Zadie Jumpsuit – Paper Theory

So you know, life and all… I didn´t even tell you guys I was pregnant again and I had the baby and I´ll spare you the horrible birthstory.

My writing might be a bit rusty…

Some patterns just grab us and don´t let go. This was the case with the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory. Only released last week, now I´m blogging about it. It must be good!



The Zadie is a relaxed fit wrap jumpsuit. It sews up really fast because it doesn´t have any closures apart from the ties.
It´s very roomy especially in the legs so I would check the finished measurements before you grade up. I would NOT recommend picking a larger size ´just to be on the safe side´ 😉

I absolutely adore the shape of the neckline and the immense pockets!

I´m not a big fan of the binding as a neckline finish and because my fabric was a b*tch to press I decided to use store bought biastape and fold it to the inside.

I think it looks good but I picked a horrible fabric to sew this up.

Somehow I got it in my head that a lightweight poly twill would make a great transitional piece but it really doesn´t. It clings to every lump and bump making the leg look more tapered than it really is and it doesn´t want to be pressed so it doesn´t look nice and crisp where I wanted it to.

I´ve got a cut of linnen on it´s way so I´ll be making this again in the exact same colour but in a more suitable fabric.

Adjustments for next time:

  • raising the waist seam by an inch
  • sizing down in the legs or making the pleats a bit deeper
  • cutting the back bodice on the fold
  • adjusting the length (longer or shorter depending on the shoes)

Just a little heads up though, the front leg piece is mislabelled as ‘back body’. It´s obvious enough but I still thought I would mention it.

Now, this wasn´t so hard, don´t know why it took me so long to get back to this. Oh well, not promising anything about a next blogpost 😉

Until next time!




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