Whatever you’re about to do, Lola is right there with you!

So I finally made the Victory Patterns Lola dress. Waaaaaay overdue, but I never wear sweaters so I didn’t see myself wearing a sweater dress. But then I saw so many gorgeous versions (here, here and here) popping up around the internet and I found the perfect fabric so I decided to give it a go. But not before I made this wearable muslin (yes, seriously, I made a muslin)


I can definitely say that whatever you have to do, Lola is the girl for the job. I took her out to the doctor’s, to work and she even helped me with the shopping and taking care of the baby.

emily 1
Seriously, sewing this dress is easier than making the baby smile. She does have the best bitchy resting face though

I am in love! (With both the dress and my gorgeous baby!)

The facts:

    • Fabric is a sweatshirt fleece that was intended to be a blazer but that didn’t work out so it was totally meant to be a Lola.
    • My measurements put me in a size 12 but I wanted it a bit snugger so cut a size 10 but I could easily go down another size on the top.
    • This dress took me 2 baby nap times from start to finish! And that’s even with unpicking the twin needle stitching on the pockets 4 times! So super fast, just the way I like it 🙂
    • My mother-in-law loved it (that was a pretty weird feeling), she was even saying she’d like on of her own (even weirder)
    • My hubby noticed the new dress and he even noticed the fit wasn’t perfect yet.


The pockets are both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness. She lets me take baby’s laundry, baby’s bottle and the baby herself upstairs (not in the pocket) all at the same time, but she also made me look for my earbuds and classroom keys for half a day and I only found them because I fell on top of them when I crashed on the couch when I came home.


This dress is snuggly and comfy. For now she’s perfect to throw on as a single layer with boots (I even wore it yesterday with heels since it was 23 degrees here). She kept me warm but not too warm all day. (Except for that one classroom where they are trying to recreate Rachel and Monica’s tropical Christmas Party. Too bad I don’t have Joey running around to turn the radiator off from underneath.)  When it’s a bit colder she’s perfect with tights and my me-made blazer (more on that in another post).

emily 2
Inspecting the blazer and watching the cats play in the background. Using baby as a prop is not the best idea.

There will be a lot more Lolas to come. I still have my ‘good’ fabric to cut into and some regular French terry, but I’m having trouble finding nice ribbing for that one. (Stupid hard to match radiant orchid!)

This is what I found when looking through my test pictures… I was being spied upon 🙂

Have you ever made a pattern and loved it while all along you thought it wasn’t your thing?

PS Thanks Gillian, for explaining how to get Flickr pictures in my blog 🙂

19 thoughts on “Whatever you’re about to do, Lola is right there with you!

  1. What a great dress – practical yet stylish! Maybe you could put a small pocket inside the large pocket for little things like your earbuds. I really love the color! Hooray for being able to wear the mockup too! I’m not surprised your mother-in-law wants one. =)

    “My hubby noticed the new dress and he even noticed the fit wasn’t perfect yet.” lol – beware, when you teach a guy about fitting they actually retain most of it and will start to point it out to you. I created a bit of a monster by teaching my husband about fit. Now he points things out to me when he sees fit issues on others when we are out in public, hehe.


  2. You have made me want to make another. I made the first and wasn’t sold on the fabric. (will I have get that right). I love the use of pockets for small children 🙂 Looks wonderful!


  3. Love your Lola, its such a great multifunctional dress. I made 3 but never added the pockets as never had enough fabric left out of 2 M but thats ok. I had thought originally the shape wouldn’t suit me either but I love wearing them. Made mine in Ponte and a crepe jersey but I like your sweatshirt fleece – its inspiring me to make another one….


  4. This is super cute and cozy looking! I LOL’ed at your losing your keys and earbuds in the pocket 🙂 I have the pattern, but I’m worried about how it would fit a pear shape like myself. But seriously, it looks SO cozy!


  5. I love this Lola. Maybe I need one for teaching too! It looks so comfortable. And if it’s an easy and quick sew, it’s not a huge problem if kids accidentally paint me.
    You look really good in this one!
    (When do we get to see the baby in real life? I’d love to have a resting bitch face competition :-))


    1. As soon as she needs less frequent naps I can bring her along, or you can cole visit me here 🙂 I’m home all week next week (and my guess is, so are you) 😉


  6. It looks great on you! I loose things in my Lola pockets too. SO very comfy though – and still cute and fun! I love looking at your daily outfit-style pics, because you do such a brilliant job of translating your pinterest style pics into practical outfits! You look great!


    1. That’s so sweet. I feel like I’m finally getting my own style back. I had lost it for quite some time, especially when I just started sewing 🙂 But now everything is falling together nicely. I had a coat once with those kind of pockets (still do but it doesn’t fit me anymore) and I lost my student ID in those pockets and it took me 6 months to find it 🙂


  7. This is fabulous! I think I may have already pasted together the PDF pattern for this, but I can’t remember. It is such a great design. Yours is just so fun. Can’t wait to see the rest that you will be making!


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