The One with the Very Selfless Sewing

I did some seriously selfless sewing today. Not only did I make something that isn’t for me, it isn’t even a present I’ll be giving.

I made a sleeping bag for a baby. A few months ago my colleague bought the pattern (Burda 9640) because she wanted to make it for a pregnant friend. She did quite a lot of sewing 30 years ago and thought it would be fun to pick it up again.

The baby was born last week and still the sleeping bag wasn’t finished because she admitted that the jersey with fleece lining had scared her off a bit. I would be scared too if I only had a regular sewing machine.

But luckily I’ve got a serger at my disposal so I packed it up and took it to her house. I actually ended up doing all of the sewing, but I didn’t mind as she had done all the cutting and that’s the part I like least 🙂


I did everything with my serger apart from tacking down the bands around the armholes, which I did by hand. I don’t know if I assembled everything like I should have because she gave me the pattern along with some others a few months ago and I didn’t bring it along, so I didn’t have the manual 🙂 I even inserted the zipper with my serger and it was so easy! I’m definitely doing that again!


But all in all I think it turned out great. Apart from the zipper at the top and the slit at the end, they are a bit crooked but I’m the only one who noticed 🙂


I have to admit that I secretely hope the mother doesn’t like it so my colleague will give it to me instead and if not, it only took me 3 hours so I can easily make one for my own baby. Aren’t the frogs cute. There’s boy and girl frogs, so it works for boys and girls! And I took the leftover fabric home, so there might be enough left for a baby t-shirt for my little baby!

6 thoughts on “The One with the Very Selfless Sewing

  1. So cute! A coworker of mine asked if I could make her something similar for her dauther, since the wee one tends to scratch her own face while sleeping. I couldn’t quite figure how to end the zipper, so I’ll be copying your solution! 🙂


    1. I told my colleague I was going the check out the official instructions to see how well we (or rather I) did 🙂 I would advice doing the zipper first and then sewing up the side seams, I did it the other way around and that’s why it’s a bit crooked 🙂


  2. What a gorgeous sleeping sack. I shouldn’t made my son’s but lack of time won out. But I still would love to make him one now that he’s getting better at napping and allowing for more sewing.


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